A family’s holiday season has taken an unexpected turn after a man discovered his missing father’s remains in the basement fo his childhood home in Long Island, New York.

According to Newsday, George Carroll mysteriously disappeared in 1961 leaving behind two daughters and two sons.

His sons say their mother, Dorothy Carroll, never provided a direct explanation about what happened to their father. She died in 1998.

Suffolk police say they would have like to have spoken to the mother’s second husband, Richard Darress, who moved into the family’s home not long after Carroll went missing, but he died earlier this year.

Family members speculated telling the children that the U.S. Army veteran had abandoned them and returned to South Korea.

However, the children began to seek answers for themselves as they got older.

Michael Carroll, the veteran’s youngest son, said a psychic told him and his siblings a few years ago that their father’s remains were somewhere in the basement of the family home built in 1925. Further, in June of this year, paranormal investigators allegedly reported that they sensed “a lot of energy” in the home.


Michael Carroll, 57, began digging up the basement of the family’s home earlier this year but stopped fearing he would damage the structure of the house. His sons, Michael Jr. and Christopher, continued the project in October after their father decided he wanted to proceed.

On the night before Halloween, the brothers cut through the concrete of the basement and uncovered an old well. Around 10 p.m., they discovered skeletal remains inside of the well. Michael Carroll reported their findings to police the following day. Police are investigating the death as a homicide.

As Newsday reports, police say construction was going on at the home during the time George Carroll went missing and suspect his corpse was buried by a worker or someone else with easy access to the home.

Michael Caplan, Suffolk County Medical Examiner, wrote in an email:

We were able to determine that the cause of death included blunt impacts to the head with fractures of the skull and brain injury, although there may be other injuries that are no longer detectable…The DNA was extremely well-preserved within the skeletal remains, even after almost 60 years.

According to Newsday, Michael Carroll informed his family of his discovery and they plan to have a memorial service for their father next spring.

He said:

“I’m happy to learn that that is my dad. This is a deep and very emotional thing and everybody is dealing with this in different ways. This has broken up my family.”

Steven Carroll, the oldest of the two sons, was puzzled by the news. He questioned how his father’s attacker was able to do so much and go unnoticed.

He said:

“How does something like this happen? How do you dispose of someone and bury them in the basement and pour concrete over them and nobody knows about it?”

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3 Replies to “A Psychic Reading Led Son to Father’s Remains 60 Years After He Went Missing. They Were in Childhood Home”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I believe the mother was involved as she wouldn’t answer the childrens questions. Wouldn’t be the first time a woman had her husband killed so she could move her lover in.

  • Darlene 2 years ago

    The mother was involved. It states that the family is torn up over this probably because some of the relatives are thinking the same thing. Sad.

  • Robert Miles 2 years ago

    Is the psychic old enough to be a possible suspect in the death?

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