When Kyle Jauregui’s family went to pick up his 11-year-old sister’s birthday cake, they were shocked to discover it had already been paid for. But perhaps what was most surprising was the note attached explaining why.


Jauregui shared a photo of the note attached to his sister’s pretty birthday cake on Twitter, which contained a card from the MISS Foundation and two important dates: 12/27/07-09/27/08.


The note read:

Dear Birthday Girl Family,

In honor of my daughter’s 10th birthday I have chosen your birthday cake to pay for. Each year I do this random act of kindness because I am unable to buy my daughter a cake of her own. Today is her big double digit birthday. Please enjoy your day.

<3 McKenna’s mom

Jauregui tweeted:

The MISS Foundation is an organization that supports grieving families after the loss of a child. The foundation’s Kindness Project is an effort to perform good deeds in the memory of a child or loved one. Since 1996, two million Kindness Project cards have been used, according to the website.

Other Twitter users shared their experience with the group’s Kindness Project, as well:

In an interview with Scary Mommy, McKenna’s mom, Ashley, said she’s been performing random acts of kindness since discovering the MISS Foundation after her daughter’s death. Ashley said the acts of kindness are done anonymously and a note explains why:

“Little things can change a person’s day. It’s what life is about, being kind, loving and compassionate towards others.”

Ashley writes about the experience of losing her daughter to a tragic accident on her blog Ladybug Landing, and through the Kindness Project keeps her baby’s memory alive. As she told Scary Mommy:

“She was here and mattered. Knowing someone reads her name and learns about her means so much.”

As for Jauregui and his family, McKenna is a name they won’t soon forget.

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