The tragic shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, left the community and particularly the affected families reeling. Twenty-six people were killed, and many more were left severely injured.

The news came as a devastating blow to not only victims’s loved ones, but also the nation. In the aftermath, people were forced to pick up the pieces and keep moving forward.

In the case of Hank Summers, whose uncle was shot five times and is still recovering in the hospital, he decided to move into his grandfather’s house to be closer to the hospital. It’s unclear what his uncle’s medical status is, but now, a full recovery isn’t the only thing concerning Summers.

According to KSAT, firefighters responded to a call around 3 a.m.; Summers’s grandfather’s house — where he just began staying two days earlier — was on fire.

He told KSAT:

“[It’s] been a hell of a week.”

San Antonio Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Reuthinger told the outlet the fire was started by “a cigarette in the bathroom,” but, thankfully, they were able to put it out relatively quickly.

Fifteen minutes after firefighters left, however, KSAT reported the house reignited in flames. It was also reported that just seconds later, some ammunition that was in the house exploded. Firefighters rushed back to what was then a “huge ball of fire,” according to KSAT, which was on the scene when it happened.

Summers told the outlet his grandfather lost everything, and their family lost priceless photos of both his grandfather and other relatives.

Summers told KSAT the last few weeks have been extremely difficult:

“Besides from my uncle being shot up, I have a good friend of mine [I] went to high school with, also shot. I knew many people that were killed. It’s been brutal.”

But rather than asking for help or prayers himself, Summers said people should be worried about everyone else:

“Pray for my friends. Pray for the community of Sutherland Springs. Don’t worry about us.”

It was not reported if his grandfather was injured in the fire, but Summers’s statements show despite the horrific incidents this month, he is going to be just fine.

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