Several weeks ago, YouTube star Logan Paul landed himself in some very hot water.

As Dearly previously reported, the 22-year-old took his followers along on his journey through Japan. Unfortunately, during a walk through Japan’s infamous “suicide forest,” he and his friends proceeded to record the body of an apparent suicide victim.

The video shook the internet community to its core, leading YouTube to step up its policies to ensure no video like that is ever circulated again:

Since the mayhem, Paul published two apologies to not only his fans but also the world. The first one was a seemingly deflective tweet:

And the second one was a tear-filled video:

Then the vlogging star took some time off the grid to process the hurtful and offensive waves he made. Now, he’s back.

The question, however, remains: After publishing something so irresponsibly vulgar to his 15 million young followers, should he be given a second chance?

In his most recent comeback vlog, which People calls “a blatant PR move” to get back into people’s good graces, Paul can be seen sitting down for several interviews with the purpose of learning more about the effects of suicide.

Paul’s 8-minute, documentary-like video sets out to show people that he’s accepted how “ignorant” he’s been and is trying to educate himself on the staggering statistics of suicide.

In one interview, Paul is confronted by an indignant recovery spokesperson about how in the world he could be 22 years old and not realize how widespread the effects of suicide are.

According to People, Paul has also donated $1 million to suicide prevention/awareness organizations, along with several hundred thousand dollars to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Paul also sat down with Kevin Hines, a suicide survivor who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge at age 19. They discussed Hines’ emotional and heartbreaking experience.

Although his latest video shows a very serious and “humbled” Logan Paul, people might still wonder: can someone really change that much that quickly?

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