Social media users had a lot to say after a mom went live on her daughter’s Facebook page to discipline the teen for smoking and drinking.

The daughter, who Facebook users claim is 14, is shown sitting cornered in between cabinets on the kitchen floor and crying as her mom yells and curses at her.

As the daughter seemingly holds her hand out for her phone back, the mom shoots down the daughter’s excuse of being pressured.

She yelled:

“Ain’t that much f****** peer pressure in the world. Do you understand me?”

In the video, the mom hits the teen on the legs with an unidentifiable object repeatedly as her daughter pleads “mommy.”

The mother yelled:

“You don’t know what the f*** you smoke! You don’t know what’s out here!”

She can be heard emphasizing to her daughter that they’ve talked “every day” about the negative consequences of smoking and drinking. Further, the mother threatens to “snatch every f***** track” out of her daughter’s head.

The daughter’s Facebook page has since been deleted or changed since the live stream.

The post that started on Facebook has since spread to Twitter and garnered quite a reaction from users on both platforms.

While most viewers were understanding of the mother’s necessity to discipline the teen, they thought live streaming the incident was a little much.

One Facebook user said:

That’s one thing I will never do embarrass my child or myself on social media, I don’t condone her smoking but best believe I’ll discipline my child in the private of our home. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

Other users empathized with the teen, after witnessing her mother’s controversial tactics.

A Twitter user wrote:
Her mom prolly the reason she out here drinking and smoking I can tell she be going through it on the regular 😂😂
However, a few users defended the mom’s actions, saying it was for the teen’s own good.
The tweeter commented:

(W)hat a lot of people don’t realize is this type of parenting actually works because most parents try to just be reasonable and teenage girls ? (T)hey a different breed of wild and disrespectful, if her momma would’ve let her off easy she would’ve done it again. Bet she won’t now tho

Another wrote:

Y’all think this is bad? Reasons why this new generation is soft and undisciplined. Bet if y’all see a story about this same girl dead next week because she smoked something she thought was weed y’all would think different.

In partial contrast, another user agreed that the mother’s methods will work, but will have a negative impact on the child.

The viewer tweeted:

Scaring your children into submission definitely works but it gives them trauma and mental baggage that they shouldn’t have to carry. She will never have a strong relationship with her mother, stop normalizing abusive behavior.

Do you think this mom went too far? Comment below.

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I am a journalist from the D(M)V, who is just trying to make every day count.

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131 Replies to “Facebook Video of Mom Whipping Her Daughter Goes Viral. People Debate If Public Punishment Is Effective”

  • Lesley 5 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with laying hands on your child you gave birth to them take care of them she dressed nice nails done house looking good some of us parents work to hard to give our children the world and try to steer them right and we have a right to correct them that’s why we got these young hoes murderers rapist etc cause we scared to lay hands on our children as long as you ain’t kill them they gonna be ok I say good work to the mom I am right there with you. Take care of them feed cloth house and everything else if they deserve it give it to them

    • Fuck Off 5 months ago

      Okay, so when your parents punch you for being a dumb cunt, I don’t want to hear a fucking word.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    That’s parenting bottom line, I didn’t see anything that was inappropriate, If you don’t have kids or you have strong Religious veiws ? Mind your own business……. PS. Just my opinion

    • Maria 5 months ago

      Her mother loses it while tryn to mk her lil girl comprehend the craziness & terror out there of girls being taken and wrecking their lives. The daughter is shown where she is dressed well, her hair done, her nails…. So yeah!!!! Shes been taking good care of her & thts wht a moma is capable of losing her cool to protect her from the monsters out in the streets

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Its alot worse in my house.. She wasnt in thw wrong kids to to learn we as parents do way to much for them busting our asses everyday for them trying to keep them on the right track.. These streets have nothing for them but death and we want them to do right and not end up in the ground.. That baby was bothered because she was in trouble and got caught doing something she knew not to do.. The mother handled it the right way.. Ill be damned if i wouldnt put hands on mine for the same thing..

  • Anderson 5 months ago

    This is the parenting we need that’s why so many kids are out of control

  • Asia 5 months ago

    I dont see the big deal in a good but whooping. Im 28 ive been there before and I turned out nice a disciplined. Kids nowadays get away with way too much. That’s why this generation is gone wild because they don’t have tbat discipline installed in them. Carry on

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Tough love has never hurt anyone. I rather see a parent that truly cares about their child disipline them then to see that child caught in the system or worse dead.

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      Absolutely rt! She can learn how to sew or paint or play an instrument at home & keep away from kids leading her wrong!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Where was social media when i was getting my ass beat it’s called child abuse now because of social media nieghbor mother and father beat us down wow the person who recorded it and posted it needs to be held accountable also

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Thats right these young lady these day are something else u have to stay focused on your daughter to much out here these day’s easy to get in hard to get out some got babies at 13 some on drugs so u got to be on top she done right u got to check her for someone get they hands on her later she will be thanking her mother for.loving her that much she.just can’t see it right now she done the right thing

  • June 5 months ago

    She might be a little extreme but the daughter got the message. Why do you people think kids are Killilling, stealing and all violence? Last week 5 children between the ages of 12 and 16 who robbed and the 12 year old girl shot him using a stolen gun. I say parents
    MUST their children under control before they are adults with their own children

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    In my generation we got our butts tore out the frame and it didn’t kill us nor did it hurt us it made us appreciate the value of life and respect our mom /father more… This younger generation need more discipline maybe they wouldn’t be taking guns to school and bullying and threatening to blow up schools.. I am a mom of a 16,13 and 3 year old I wish one of mine would but they already…. In the streets and home it’s yes ma’am no ma’am yes sir no sir the same way I was brought up.. No a day’s you have children having children and they can’t teach them nothing because they don’t know anything!!!!

  • Sabrina Alexander 5 months ago

    I didnt see the video , but I will say on line punishment “No” behind closed doors “Yes”. The bs of ” mental baggage from a spanking or whipping”! Ha . Most of kids today never seen what us the older generation went through. A child will test water, but as parents we should have a control over the kids from diapers on. Even if it means spank that toddler so they know right from wrong , a to z through out life. Wake up America!!!

  • Mousie 5 months ago

    Teenagers learn from parents. If u parent thinks thst beating or whipping t hem is gonna stop them from smoking ” NEWS FLASH” It won’t work. What age did you start. N did your mom whipped your ass? Parents are fucked up.

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      That’s coming from a spoiled good for nothing rotten disrespectful child if I ever heard or seen one in my life and it’s pretty clear you don’t have Thank God any kids of your own yet and if you do then put on your big kid pants and whip that ASS and get yours. As parents trust and beleive you CAN NOT BE THERE FREIND .YOU ARE THERE PARENT NOT THERE FREIND .AS SOON AS YOU REALIZE THIS AS A PARENT YOU WILL BE A PARENT only a parent will understand this anyone else won’t

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    He’ll yes about damm time .teenagers these days have no respect for anything not even them selves a good old fashion ASS whipping will cure a lot more then a talking too will any day of the week if you all ready explained .well next time whip some ASS if they don’t LISTEN to reason. If you act like your a damm toddler then get treated like one take your spanking like a big kid and stop acting like your abused. What the mother is doing is a lot less harmful then what the teen is getting her ASS whipping for. I personally think it’s funny as he’ll and I hope the teen is publicly inbarrased she deserves to be she made her choices now deal with the out come if her choice its a lot better the lung cancer

  • Little Momma 5 months ago

    No I dont that’s what’s wrong with the kids these day’s there is no displine these day’s back in my day you got your ass whooped and you got your ass yelled at and if Momma needed to pull your hair that’s just what happened and my generation doesn’t act t like this generation

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    No, the mom did great , what i didn’t approve of the cursing her daughter. The children in this society needs they tail whoop, that’s what the problem is talking dont do nothing. GET SOME JESUS IN YOUR CHILDREN LIFE.

  • Drexter SMITH 5 months ago

    No I really don’t think she went that far as the media made out to be I think she was doing what a parent should do when their kids make real bad choices,I think they should show them tougth love do you think if she had put her daughter in timeout would her daugther learn from that no,she will have a better chance learning from tougth love,I see no harm from the mother.

  • Erica 5 months ago

    Now. Kids have cps but really and truely cps dont understand the reasoning that parent are teaching their childern sometime its hard good leason or its the hard dumb lesson of life. To pass on to there love ones every generation learn something new and. We pass it on love, hate, drug ,murder,alchol,everything our kids see they want to try too like the Bible say we are living in our last Days and we seeing it more and more every day.

  • Ray Charles Jackson Sr 5 months ago

    It is better for daughter to be crying, than for mother to be crying over her later laid out in a coffin. Besides a ass-beating won’t kill her. Let that mother discipline her child, half of these parents are afraid of their own children, in another breath covers it up I am my child’s friend and don’t whip my children. To make story short, mother you did what best for your child. What
    You do is your business.

  • Teto 5 months ago

    If you seen more of this at home you wouldn’t see all these youngsters going thru system .I give that mom props

  • Elizabeth 5 months ago

    She’s an abuser …i grew up in this sort of environment. That is why my brothers are the way they are. I can not believe people condone this as parenting. And furthermore..teens do have peer pressure that you wouldn’t believe. My 19 yr. old brother is on homebound because of how bad things really are. Check yourselves adults…we are the reason some teens are disrespectful and wild.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    When we were kids our mom and dad uses to smack us up side the head and all kids for all kinds of reasons and it wasn’t illegal at least we grew up with respect there’s a difference between abuse and getting a point across when u love your child u ahoow them love and tough love and not verbally abuse them u show them love and they show respect u from that love u show them and want to do what makes u pleased with them however u do have those children that are born with addictive personalities and there who they are I don’t care how u try to make them someone u want them to be there who they are already so just love them and make sure u sit a good example and do the right thing your self let God be the leader it’ll all work out love is the greatest gift of all

  • Mari 5 months ago

    I bet the girl will at least Think 🤔twice before drinking and smoking weed again, This is a Mother who Loves her daughter very much.. 💕😍😢😭😵💋🐑

  • Sharon D Williams 5 months ago

    I am for the mother. She’s showing concern for her daughter. In these days now you cant be Sgt or just talk to kids. We all have been young before and punishment was a whipping. Outside people in high places need to stand back and let people tame their kids. The system is what got a lot of kids messed up…letting them know parents can’t do this or that to them. Parents got to have control. Please handle your girl and slow her going out with her friends. She will love you dearly. Everyone handle there’s differently.. Stop video your business and handle it. My kids got whipping and are great now. My son is in the Air Force and daughter works at boat place. Its all in how you raise your girl. Be strong Mom. You’re the mother so continue do I g your job.

  • Erin deblieux 5 months ago

    I do think that the mom went a lil to far but her kid shouldn’t have been smoking or drinking either specially 16 or if she below 18 or 21 sorry to say but my mom and dad they just told me not to smoke or drink and I did it so I can’t say much but that but I still smoke cigarettes and drink and I’m 34 years old now but back when I was 16 or even 15 as i grew up I was still smoking cigarettes drink beer and partieing so I know where this mom is coming from now if my parents were to scare the shit out of me like that mom did I’d probably have never started smoking or drinking

  • L 5 months ago

    Go Mom! Would of reacted the same way. You were right in letting your daughter know what she did was unacceptable.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    No cause if she want to act grown that’s the way she should be treated.better that then dead.

  • Dianne Fenwick 5 months ago

    I believe that it should have been done that in private not on Facebook or Twitter because that stays on Facebook and Twitter for a long time. I hope the teenager girl learns from this, she should be carefull on what she smokes and drinks because people don’t care about you and if they don’t like you, they will harm you by any means necessary.

  • Renee 5 months ago

    I believe this mother doesn’t want her daughter to end up using drugs, smoking, drinking, stealing. Having bad relationships with bad boys. Nowadays you have to be hard and stay that way. There are too many parents that do nothing. That’s why kids are in so much trouble. For myself, I wish I would have been harder on my kids. They were awesome kids until they turned 18. They have all been jail. Rehab or on the run from the law. 2 out of 3 do drugs. Yeah, I believe she’s doing the tough love and it will save her daughters life.

  • Char 5 months ago

    Get that ass mom I’m not mad at u at all!!

  • Randall stott 5 months ago

    This is what the world needs more of. When I was growing up i got my ass whooped. I’m not saying kids wont be kids and still get into shit cause lord knows I still got in mine. But it’s our job as parents to do what we can to steer them in the right direction and if that means beat that ass then by all means stick your foot in that ass.. I DO with my kids when they get put of line!! A good ole ASS WHOOPIN never hurt anybody. We have to many kids rippin and running these streets with no respect for anything these days. Everything starts in the home front people get ahold of your kids and disaplin them as you see fit these people bashing you for it dont have your kid in there house. And there’s are probably more disrespectful because they dont have that foot in there ass.. like it or not I dont care where I’m at if my kid needs an ass whoopin guess what.. they getting that ass tore up!!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I have a daughter that got somewhat out of control and a son whose still a teen! My daughter is 30 now an she was much worse than my son growing up! Discipline is a must! In our younger years we were nothing like our kids and the world was different for the better! If she had gotten hold that 2k, this mom may not have had the opportunity to yell and scream or discipline her as seen here but pray for her recovery! I condone everything she did as TRUE LOVE as well as security for her child who knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about life!! KUDOS MOM! Keep up the GREAT WORK! She’ll appreciate you LATER!! (PROMISE)!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Charles 5 months ago

    Well , I’m not crazy about the language but it’s probably just what the child needed. I would clip those nails to. She should be playing and not trying to be an adult. Life is to short.

  • Clifton Whyte 5 months ago
    Good 4 u mom….BEAT DAT AZZ!!!!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I came from a family of 11 kids and we got beat but not one of us have ever been locked up and we love our mother the death.

  • Katie Edwards 5 months ago

    No she didn’t go far enough it is so bad out here we are trying to keep o u r children safe and smoking they don’t know what they are doing someone could put something in the weed and someone could drop something in the drink and that be a child that she would be have loss parents please understand she did the right thing thank you

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    She should have beat her little ass that’s what’s wrong today that the parent’s are being there kids friends instead of the parent. We got our ass whipped and we turned out great so let me remind all you people who spare the rod, your kids will eventually be running the house. Stick to what we were taught if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Gain control of your household and keep it.

  • Maria gonzalez 5 months ago

    Mom aint doing nothing wrong but careing for her daughter she is not hitting her cause she grabbed food out the fridge she whipped her cause she was out their thinking she is grown go on mom good job she lool like she well taken care of teen girl now an days wanna act to grown my daughter went to a little party aun my aunt house walked of with out telling me w my 17 yr old cousin n came back w a hiky i beat her ass and called child services and said what happend since she said she was gonna call them i tell u one thing she aint do it again n hopefully this girl doint either

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Good mother , probably saved this girl’s life

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    That’s what’s wrong with these kids nowadays their parents don’t discipline them. I used to have my ass beat when I was a kid I turned out just fine and had a great relationship with my mom and dad. Would you rather see the mother looking over her baby in a casket or her screaming at her because she’s doing wrong

  • Evelyn Castro 5 months ago

    Spare the rod spoil the child, just shouldn’t live stream. Ur child, ur discipline. Check her little ass.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I get punishing your kids for bad things they do.but theres a fine line between teaching your kids a lesson and just being abusive . I think this mom may have crossed the line and is being more abusive then helpful sometimes just talking to your kids can make all the difference

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I get punishing your kids for bad things they do.but theres a fine line between teaching your kids a lesson and just being abusive . I think this mom may have crossed the line and is being more abusive then helpful sometimes just talking to your kids can make all the difference

  • JACQUELINE PORTER 5 months ago

    I feel the mother should have disciplined her daughter privately I don’t condone the daughter’s behavior and I feel the mother should try to talk to her daughter instead of going live and disciplining her

  • Aaron Poellnitz 5 months ago

    Need more moms like her

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    She did exactly what she was supposed to do and that’s, whipping her tail. Everybody have their different styles of raising kids, but this right here tells me, this little girl been doing this and Momma been trying to discipline her without whipping her. So with that being said,
    “If she can’t Hear, I bet you she can Feel”.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    She needed this and a lot more disrespectful ass kids I would of beat the fk outta her ass too

  • V.l.parker 5 months ago

    My dad used his belt on me 1 time is all it took for me to get the message. When you walk out the door going to school you are representing your family. The way you act n house is the way u act n the street. But handle that n house not for everyone to c. Next time sit down and tell them u love them and u want the best for them. Show more love to the kids. They need 2 hear that more than feel the belt. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Truly you can hear the mothers hurt its more hurt in her voice then anger if your not from around the way pull ya head out ya college books of child psychology youll never understand books and know this girl will thank her mother for the tough love one day its quite obvious she takes care of her daughter hair done top sneakers and jewelry shes defiant and this is what happens i dont agree with recording for the media what goes 9n in a home stays in a home

  • Deborah 5 months ago

    Clearly this child is giving much.Nails done.Nice cloths.Jewelry.Hair done.Nice home.I think the MoM is clearly trying to protect her daughter.My MOM used to whip and yell at me to.And must say it did a world of good.The MOM has been trying to tell this child every day.Sometimes ruff love can come in handy

  • John P 5 months ago

    I don’t mind the fact that a parent punishes their child, but broadcasting it to the world is just bad parenting, period. That should be done in the privacy of your own home. My guess is that after seeing this video some whiny parent that believes only in timeouts will report their family to child welfare services.

  • Squall 5 months ago

    Had my mom been alive to kick my ass when I needed it, I wouldn’t have gone half as wrong as I did, drinking and smoking when I was twelve! Dad was tough, but mothers are tougher. Kid got what she needed and for sure she wouldn’t be getting the damn phone back until she was seventeen. Maybe it shouldn’t have gone viral, although, the thought of being humiliated again could just help keep that girl in line, we know how touchy and tender the ego of a teen is. If you disrespect the rules set up to make sure you are safe from harm, then yeah, you need some reality to slap you hard in the butt.

  • Tiffany 5 months ago

    Most kids gets involved with drinking and smoking due to the people they associate with and sometimes it’s starts within the home as well is this topic more so because of the way the mom reacted or because it’s for the world to see discipline is not at all wrong but the way u discipline your kids is the topic of discussion many believe kids should have counseling/therapy when it comes to peer pressure and for some yes beat them into reality do you know that whooping/beating is a sign of traumatic punishment first started with slave owners to put fear into one so they would be controlled and told what to do as command that is what we r showing our kids that type of punishment comes from hate and many of u may disagree and that’s fine because many of u got those same whooping/beatings as a child which in your mind is ok it’s other ways to solve that type of behavior this is not one of them talk with your children get involved with what they’re doing who they’re hanging with give them a curfew make sure they’re where they suppose to b if not take that privilege away teach them how to make better decisions and being more responsible pray with them and for them this is how we teach them

  • Squall 5 months ago

    Tiffany, kids have been getting their butts smacked since history started, so get your facts on whoopings/beatings straight. It happened in Egyptian times, it happened in Elizabethan times, it happened in the Viking age, it happened during the Mayan/Aztec ages; it’s been happening all over the world before the written word came to be. I agree, get involved with what your kid is doing but if you catch them stepping out of the boundaries set for them, going against the rules you’ve set up for the household and refusing to honour them, showing sheer disrespect and contempt for everything that you as their parent have set into place to keep them from harm, hell yeah, whack their ass. You didn’t go through the sheer torture of giving birth and the struggle to provide for them just to have protective measures ignored and trampled over.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago


  • Roderich Williams 5 months ago

    I am 100 % behind the mother don’t let the penal system get her the coroner get her at a young age.

  • Frederick J Coleman 5 months ago

    I totally agree with the mother’s actions when I was coming up our neighbors could beat us and take us back to our parents and we will get another beating but we didn’t act like these children today that’s the problem with society everybody claims abuse but then blame the parents when a child goes out there and breaks law

  • Ann 5 months ago

    Our children thinks they know it all now a days so I commend the mom for taking the initial in doing what she did. On the other hand I truly believe the daughter will continue to do as she did before the “”ass whooping” she received. The children think they are very smart and we are the dumb ones. I always told my kids that their lives are reruns of my past so don’t think you can out smart me. The situation might be a little different but we live in the same time. Don’t be your children friend, parent them so they will have someone to look up to within the home and please, I cannot stress this enough, run your household, if they can’t follow your rules they need a job and a home of their own. May God bless the parents that are strong enough to be parents.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Good job mom!

  • Bertha 2 5 months ago

    This teen needs strong discipline, just not sure it should have happened ‘live!’ However, perhaps this Mom helped some other kids to straighten up, too! Too many teens doing whatever they want without strong – and caring parents! Tough love! Mom mentioned they talk about this type behavior every day, and still the teen behaved stupidly. Well, guess she got caught …. big time. When my son was a teen, he tried to ‘get away with IT’ quite often. This one time, he pushed too hard. That’s when I ‘pushed harder’ on him on our back porch.🙀 🙂 Can’t remember the WHY, but son remembers the incident. That was the last time I ‘needed’ to react in that manner. He recently told his own teen son about that memorable experience! I was never deciplined in that manner, so it’s not a matter of how I grew up. And, it is not how grandson is being raised either. One time for son was all he needed to …. at least …. not get caught! He’s a great dad to his now 20 year old son. With the wonderful help of God! Respect, boundaries, and a little fear, perhaps does the trick!

  • Marvin Graham 5 months ago

    I understand what the mother is trying to do but her tatic is all the way wrong. This is the perfect time for talking to and teaching her daughter a lesson about the potential consequences of her actions. The needs to find out why her daughter did it and come up with a solution so her daughter will not do it again.. Remember peer pressure is real . I honestly think the mother went to far.

  • Marvin Graham 5 months ago

    I understand what the mother is trying to do but her tatic is all the way wrong. This is the perfect time for talking to and teaching her daughter a lesson about the potential consequences of her actions. The needs to find out why her daughter did it and come up with a solution so her daughter will not do it again.. Remember peer pressure is real . I honestly think the mother went to far. The mother might be the reason why the daughter made that choice.

  • Alyssa 5 months ago

    I’m all for tough love! I believe that a mother should be a mother first and foremost. Too many parents out there trying to be their child’s friend. Having said that, the mom crossed the line with her vulgar mouth. She’s no better than the kids her daughter hangs out with if she’s gonna talk like that. Be an adult for goodness sake. You can get a point across without blasting the F word in your daughter’s face every other second.

  • Anna 5 months ago

    I think this mom is doing the right thing and nipping it in the butt. A lot of kids these days have no fear and that is what’s wrong with a lot of stuff going on into says world. No respect! Keep up the good work mamma

  • Patty 5 months ago

    No she is doing right because she loves her child and trying to teach her right but it should be between them not on video

  • Rita 5 months ago

    I am a Mother of 2 girls 11 & 3 and the 11 years tests me like you wouldn’t believe. I look at this child and I think her mom has her in a clean house, Nice clothes and shoes so obviously she cares enough about how the child is looking, I agree she should spank her, maybe not on camera but she has every right to spank her. I handle my daughters. As mothers we work hard we want the best for our children. We dont want them to be like everyone else. When we send them to school or even families house we hope they are strong enough to say “NO” or confide in us but, when we spank, I know for me it is a last resort after talking, yelling, repeating the same think multiple times. I think mom loves this little girl and she is right to discipline her just not on camera. I hope the young girl sees that her mom loves her and gets worried and frustrated we fell like where did we go wrong if they offer you to smoke what else will you say yes too. I hope they both get through this.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    No good job.

  • Debbie Sutherland 5 months ago

    Was this mother in the wrong – no! My niece did the same at 11. She ran away at 12. My brother and his wife tried this same punishment, but by then my niece was street smart, she called the police and accused my brother of abuse. Every time she was punished she told teachers and police. For several years. She ran the streets, drugs, you name it girl did it while my brother tried every thing he could while his wife kept telling her she was no good. She found a boy friend who told her he would always take care of her, while beating on her. On March 26, 2018 she was found in a garbage dump murdered. She was 22. What would I tell this mom, you go mom! You do every thing you can to guide and protect your daughter. If you need, tell her about my niece, the streets can and will kill her.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    That was normal discipline in my generation. I never had any bad mental problems, I just learned to behave myself. I thank my parents for every whipping i received because they loved me enough to discipline me. God says “spare the rod and spoil the child”.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Hell naw we whoop our kids white kids always killing other no discipline but I whoop ass 🎉✌🎉✌🎉✌

  • Lance Merlin 5 months ago

    “Her mom prolly the reason she out here drinking and smoking I can tell she be going through it on the regular” – Is that English?

  • Lance Merlin 5 months ago

    Nothing like good old fashioned public humiliation. Reminds me of when they would a convicted criminal in the stocks in the public square and people would throw rotten vegetables at them. Bet that worked in a lot of cases. You either stopped doing what got you there in the first place, or got clever and learned how not to get caught.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Spot on mom!

  • Jessica 5 months ago

    We can all have our opinions on the matter, but I guess it’s up to you to draw that line at your own house. Is she wrong for being upset with her daughter? NO! Is she right in disciplining her? YES! Does everyone else approve of this method? Doesn’t matter because it’s HER child. Would I post it on social media? Absolutely not, that is embarrassing! The girl will survive and learn from this. I mean from the video, it doesn’t look like they are living in hard times. Plus in this case even if people wouldn’t take it to that level, a little extra discipline is better than too little. Kids have to learn that they can’t just do anything they want! There’s a reason why you wait until of age to do certain things. Smoking and drinking is bad for your body PERIOD. I knew these yuppie parents that let their 17 and 18 year olds drink and then wonder why their kids have a drinking problem?! And those kids are spoiled brats! Again, I wouldn’t have posted it but I commend this mom for being a MOM!!

  • Jess 5 months ago

    Not good English at all. There’s an ignorant post….kids is acting up and you say it’s the moms fault. I won’t be bringing my kids near yours or you with that mentality.

  • Tracey 5 months ago

    At least this mom gives a damn what happens her her child. Most just shrug it off and don’t get involved. I have a 34yr old niece who to this day has NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE, DOES WHAT SHE WANTS REGARDLESS OF WHO SHE HURTS AND SH ACTED THAT SAME WAY A 14YRS OLD. she’s had more sex partners by the time she was 21 than I’ve had my entire life and I’m 49. She had EVERYTHING given to her and expects it to this day. While streaming it ma be “too much” for some, a leastit showing this girls “friends” how true mom feels about smoking an drinking. YOU GO MOM!!!

  • Jean 5 months ago

    The most powerful way to get a message through to your child is to remain calm and explain the consequences for their actions. And then to follow through with them. Take away valuable privileges given to them such as phones, social activities etc. can have a huge impact when they no longer have it available to them. But these things need to be spelled out for them ahead of time. So they understand what is expected of them before they make those choices. Along the way let them know that you love them even though they messed up but that they need to obey the rules of your home. Love with limits is crucial as well as keeping the relationship going by healthy communication by asking good questions that can help peel back the layers of pain they may be covering up. Many times they don’t even realize what has caused them to make these choices until you can dig a little deeper. It’s okay to let them know that you’re angry or disappointed with their actions but you don’t want to ever lose the relationship with them. Verbal, emotional and physical abuse is never an answer.

  • Jack 5 months ago

    This younger generation has parents that are or have been too busy to to property discipline their children, they allow these kids to do way too much as they well please. But it is not just the parents, the education system has a hell of a lot to do with it . The parents are way to permissive and there is no real respect for each other, country where in hell do you think all this BS comes from? Weakness and socialist teachers in our education system kids are weak minded, uneducated and brainwashed ya got to watch, listen and correct, I got my ass whipped as a kid growing up, spent 2 years in the army during the Vietnam war, got married had children busted their ass’s when raising them when they needed it, I’ve never been arrested in my life nor have my kids. I’m in total agreement with that lady !!

  • Ernest saulters 5 months ago

    I agree she is not wrong more parents need to discipline their kids otherwise they’ll do and say whatever they want I got my ass whipped when I knew better hopefully she will thank her mom later on in life cuz you really don’t know what the hell’s out here some bad stuff going around my mom said this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you it’s for the kids best interest because your mom loves you if he cares about you and what you do out in the streets

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    abuse. sad.. no wonder why these kids grow up to be abused or abusers.. social media?? is that suppose to make her a better parent.. sad

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Some that’s what it takes thanks for being a parent who care.

  • Vertrell knox 5 months ago

    I don’t think the mother is wronge for what she did.I call it tough love.These kids these days need just that.Maybe she will use better judgement in the Future.

  • angelfire1712 5 months ago

    Do people really believe that terrorizing kids is a good thing? I agree with a comment that was made…works in the short term but in the long run this daughter will never have a good relationship with her mother. She’ll probably grow up thinking she’s mentally ill and stay away from her

  • Coco Jones 5 months ago

    Spare the rod Spoil the child

  • CLARENCE Lowry 5 months ago

    Not in public. To put your business of whipping your kids on Facebook that not right. It’s like you want to be judged on how you treat your kids and doing it in the public eyes not the way to do it

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Not in public. To put your business of whipping your kids on Facebook that not right. It’s like you want to be judged on how you treat your kids and doing it in the public eyes not the way to do it

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Mother did the right thing the daughter will thank her Mom later in life

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    People need stop saying the daughter will be mentally affected after this she will not they raise the children back in old days like that no one was mentally affected she did right more need that done to them keep up the good work all Moms & Dads the kids need this

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    about time that something is done, she is trying to raise a good kid and glad that she notices and does something about it not into beating kids. But obviously her kid didn’t listen and peer pressure can be bad but she is teaching her that she can overcome. cudos to mom

  • Nita Hebert 5 months ago

    That’s what’s wrong with the kids of today. Not enough discipline. I got my butt whipped and I’m still alive. I learned to listen to my parent’s. It’s a scary thing to be in this world of crazy drugs and liquor. No body cares if your child dies except real mothers who want the best for their children. I say BRAVO MOM! Your a good mom!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I don’t think the punishment was bad, I just think putting it on Facebook was a little to much!

  • Pam 5 months ago

    I see a Momma that cares. Probably had enough of a 14 thinking she could do what she wants. I am sure that 14 probably was associated with much older people, big trouble…….and Mom came to the rescue….you go Mom

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    It’s abuse if a man hits a woman….
    It’s abuse if a woman hits a man..
    If a teacher hits your child it’s abuse…
    If a stranger hits you it’s abuse
    But…hitting a child you are supposed to love and protect is ok?
    Quit being lazy and parent your child!

  • Michelle 5 months ago

    She is right…that child needs to learn and she needs to learn now before it’s too late…I agree with this mom…that girl isn’t abused she is well taken care at least she looks well taken care of and has pushed her boundaries way too far…The mother is a caring mother from what I can see…she cares what could really hurt this young girl…so a little pain and embarrassment, if it saves this girl’s life, we’ll be it.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Im going along with the girl mother , she should have whipped her ass. I always tell my children there ia no auch thing as peer pressure for black kids. Im the pressure you should be afraid of not your peers. Peer pressure only works for white kids. If the police can shoot us down in the streets & homes because your black , then i should be able to discipline you how i see fit.

  • Ursela Jones 5 months ago

    “NOPE” 😡 NOT AT ALL!!!.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Her mom did the RIGHT thing !!!! more parents need to start whipping ass !!!!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Mom was right for discipline her child. That’s one reason why God give us mama’s.
    Don’t God whip your behine when we do wrong. If He love us and wonna see us do good, He discipline us ” who He love He chastise”,..
    These children are off the chain and they’re being encouraged by unlearned adults and piers alike. They know the law is going to take their side so they over dramatize when mom or dad is trying to teach them right from wrong.
    That whipping didn’t kill her; I am glad my mama whipped my behind when I needed it. It kept me out of jail. The state didn’t make no money off of me, I love Jesus because she kept me in church where I can grow into a responsible adult and be an example for my own children who is grown now and self supporting….thank you Lord.

  • Brenda Hipsher 5 months ago

    My momma beat my ads one time in my life from running away from home in the projects… it never happened again. I love and respect my mother with all my heart, and thank her very much for showing me tough love. Believe me, the old saying, “this is going to hurt me more than it is you, young lady. One day you will understand this.” No TRUER words…

  • Pam 5 months ago

    That is just to much all that is not called for it’s only going to make the child not like her mom at some point when she gets a certain age she is not going to care and really wild out . Be mindful of how u do it kids things like this makes them run away and some more.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    This is old school teaching, it worked for two or three generations, it should be used now. These young folks need more parenting & less friend ship…

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Yes I do think the mom went to far as live steaming it on Facebook. But look u have to do what ever it take to same your children for the streets. Look that weed could have had some crack of Shem lase with on it anything. I say keep doing what u doing just stop the cussing and the embarrassing live. But please by all mean do want need to be done to save your child. Because when it all said and done. Nobody going to give a damn about her but u.

  • Jimmy john 5 months ago

    Back in 1960 when I was 14 and others my age were all afraid to cross our parents for fear of a good ass whipping. That kept us all out of trouble. I remember in the 5th grade a kid was always being bad. The teacher got fed up and got the principle involved. She took the kid just out side of the open door. He got a good licking. Cried loudly. The kid was a model student and no one else ever needed a spanking. Of course thay was long ago. Every morning we stood for the pledge to the flag and the lords prayer. We did not want any trouble because our parents used a good whipping to keep us out of trouble.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Get that ass again of u have to. Save your baby!!!

  • Mr Ross 5 months ago


  • Carolyn Daniel 5 months ago

    I feel it may be neccessary in this day and age. She maybe saving her child life. They dont know what they smoking nor drinking. We need more parents to be concerned about what they children putting in they body.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    No cursing.

  • Bernice 5 months ago

    I didn’t see her whooping her. I only seen her hit her once. The rest was yelling. More parents need to get on there kids like that. Just don’t go to far as abusing them there is a difference between desapling and abuse.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    The mom made herself look like an ASS. There’s a difference between punishing and discipling. She obviously doesn’t know the difference. What’s the reasoning behind recording and posting on FB. To embarrass her daughter? She embarrassed herself. The mother must need an audience/attention. She gives mother’s a bad name and is disgusting.

  • Debra 5 months ago

    This is hard to watch

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    if the mother don’t do something about her now she will be twice as bad when she gets older the mother will lose all control of her and lose her forever mother done right seems like the younger generation parents do not care what the kids do long as stay out of their hair

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    That’s not abuse that’s called parenting done RIGHT! A mother who cares about her child’s well being and future! This is what this new generation of kids need…a good old fashion ass whoopin’ !

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I think a parent should be able to discipline their children… son told me he could have me put in jail…
    When I faintly got him tell tell me… He said his teacher told class. Parents couldn’t touch them…ie took a while before I got it out of him…
    He is an audalt now and has a son.. He told me he new I was just trying to get him to see right from wrong…

    I don’t believe in beating a child…..We had to get our own switches when I was growing up…it didn’t damage any of us…we learned right from wrong…respect for others..

  • Karen Walker 5 months ago

    No she didn’t go too far. The children nowadays are disrespectful, threatening to their parents. All that timeout bull crap is just that crap. Get a grip on your children. When i was being raised you never disrespected your parents or elders like these spoiled ass uneducated disrespectful kids of today. That’s why there’s 14, 15 year olds killing their parents and their peers just because they cant have their way. You did right mama.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    This may not be exactly the way some of you parents would discipline your children but at least mama is disciplining this girl. Teenagers these days are so disrespectful, hitting their parents running their mouth to the teachers it’s insane. More parents need to go back to busting these kids ass and showing them the right way to act. All you parents who do this time out crap, be prepared to go visit them in the prison put some money on their books talk to him through a glass wall cuz that’s what you in store for.

  • Torri 5 months ago

    Anyone you can’t get through to their kids without physical violence has failed as a parent. You never hurt someone physically, emotionally or verbally if you love them. There are other ways and having someone in a corner terrified of you is exactly what a bully does. I was hit with a belt many times but that doesn’t mean I learned my lesson. If I had I would of only been hit once. Same goes for the kids that get hit over and over. What’s wrong with teaching your child and showing them love at the same time. Why is it wrong for husband’s and wives to hit each other but acceptable to hit your child. You people are just trying to justify your own bad actions and hers. Learn how to parent.

  • JLW 5 months ago

    I know my parents dicplined me by giving me a good old whipping and it never traumatizes me just made me a better person . The Bible tells you to correct the child. I think that is the problem with kids today , not enough whipping just talking that don’t work all the time.i do think there is a line between whipping and beating and if you love your child you know the difference. I gave all my kids whippings and they All are great law abiding adults. I do agree that sometimes a good talking can be the right correction but so can a good whipping to.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Look my husband and I have eight children. Five oldest are boys and three girls. I did not spare the rod on either one of them. The boys have never, I mean never been in the system. And also my girls. Because we show them how much we loved them. So this mom was doing the right thing and she should not record her business like that. But as you can seen was not beating her child to death. But trying to show her how much she cares for her well being. In other words how much she loves her.

  • Tonya Sherrill 5 months ago

    There IS a right and wrong way to discipline this 14yr old girl….this IS the wrong way!! The RIGHT way would be to check with local hospitals for a young female that may be there for the same things like having something slipped in her drink or smoking something laced….or checking local morgues for a young girl of 14 or 15 that was killed by drinking or smoking….also…check with the jail or prison to see if they won’t let a couple of the women that are locked up tell you what drinking or smoking has done to them!! You teach by showing and loving,not by hitting….when you hit or yell and scream at them,it just teaches them to do the same thing in return….may even make them runaway and do more of it….we as parents are supposed to be role models for our children because they look up to us,they learn from us right and wrong and you cannot or should not EVER beat or try to whip anything into your child …maybe you should have it done to you!!!

  • Catherine M 5 months ago

    Great job, Mamma! For those of you who want to talk about “mental baggage and trauma to a child” with this type of discipline… that is so so far fetched! Kids need clear set boundaries and rules, with very strong consequences when the boundary is leaped over and a rule is broken on this magnitude!! This girl will likely learn her lesson and not repeat this behavior.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Start out with values of the church and family. Discipline starts early when a child knows right from wrong and chooses to do it their way, a swat on the hind end does wonders for a 2-5-year-old. They don’t have to be spanked after the age of 7 if they know you are consistent. I am a great grandmother and I can tell when a child has been loved enough. To love a child right they need to be taught how to act (age appropriate), have chores and responsibility, praise when it is earned, school is important and good grades are a must. Teach them about honesty, integrity, respect and virtuous behavior. Know their friends and friends parents. Trust but verify if they have an outing or party. Curfews, restrictions if they get off the path. Better that they be miserable for awhile than to end up in trouble, jail, or God forbid dead. Be the parent that loves them enough to keep them safe from harm of any kind. They will thank you later for being strict and loving…They will have a pattern to follow with their kids too.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I can guarantee you this mamma is just as traumatised. I know she went to hrr bedroom and wept. She is feeling that she failed this child, and at the same time she’s angry as hell. I’d like to believe this child will never again smoke or drink. Who is to know. I’m sure this mother thought her beautiful daughter would never try this or be pressured into(they all use this excuse)participating in the illegal use of alcohol as a child, let alone smoke . But she did. I hope she turned off the video and put her child over her lap and whipped her ass til she gave up the ghost! Then I MIGHT be more confifent of a brighter future. BUT THERE ARE NO DEFINATES IN LIFE, FROM ANY ONE. More power to you mamma. And little one, you better think again if you want to repeat your misbehavior. Your mother is not playing with you!. Stop your idiocracy now before you cant make an audible decision if it meant losing your life. Listen to your wise mamma. Do as she tells you. Nothing more nothing less. God be with you both. Amen.n

  • Queen 5 months ago

    I think that mom thought about how her daughter’s decision could have landed her in a box or living with the horrific consequences of being brutally raped and beat or losing her whole future by being laced. These are the sad but true realities of her decision to drink and smoke at her age. You know, is mom abusive….i think mom was reacting out of hurt and fear of what could have happened. The Facebook live way of doing it, I sit on the fence, but I understand that mom was making a point, remembering that she made the decision to smoke and drink on the same social media site with no regards to the negative affect it would have on herself, her mom and her family. This is a parent that repeated the same decision as her daughter to do something on Facebook live. Is that really wrong?? We have to show this generation because just as she stated they talked everyday and those talks haven’t seemed to work. I will say that I don’t condone cursing at your kids, but in the heat of the moment we aren’t perfect. A couple of hits with a belt and words I’m sure would be chosen any day for any parent over the eulogy at her funeral or rebuilding a broken soul and mind after a severe rap or beating and even over looking at the smart beautiful daughter that doesn’t even know her name any more or your face.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    Should NOT have been done publicly.

  • Rhonda L Richards 5 months ago

    You go mom! YES! A mother who wants her child to live, be happy/healthy. She wants this girl to be a productive citizen not a future thug when she grows up. I love this lady and don’t even know her. She’s not a push over and doesn’t care what none of us think. I got one in a grave so I understand her anger. Yep….you go mom!

  • Ivy Davis 5 months ago

    I believe more teens need parents who will react boldly and drastically to teen drinking and marijuana use. She’s dead on. It could be laced w poisons, pop who knows what. Quit dissing the parents

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I think all of you missed the point! I think everyone agree that she should’ve have gotten her behind whipped! The controversy is this mom publicly humiliated her child! Was it really necessary to record this on live?! Something for people to laugh and pick at. What we as adults see as discipline or “a mother doing her job” as someone of you stated. The mother could have done all of this without spectators, possibly giving other kids to torment and pick at her! She will never live this down in her life, it will haunt her forever! She will never have a normal life because she will always be known as the girl who got her ass beat on Facebook live!! I think it is terrible what the mother did to this girl and I just hope the child is strong enough to withstand all the pressure she will receive from her peers and others! I have a friend who’s mom came to school to beat her in front of the class! The rest of our time in high school was terrible for her, she was tormented everyday! She grew to resent her mom, ran away and because she was of age CHOSE to never deal with her mom ever again! Her mom made a rash decision when she was angry that caused her child an emotional breakdown that resulted in hatred for her and she lost her relationship with her only babygirl! My mom and grandma taught me a long time ago, never react when you’re angry because you could possibly regret it!! I actually hope this child can forgive her mom for this unnecessary act of malice! This was done for the mother, not discipline for the child!

  • anon 3 months ago

    Personally over smoking I wouldn’t whooped her like that, but if the parent made it clear that it wasn’t allowed, then she should’ve known what was coming. Theres nothing wrong with the occasional spanking, most of the time kids/teens get out of line and you need to put them in their place. She obviously well taken care and roof a over her head, therefore the mom was in the right.

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