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Dallen Tubbs had been sick for months, and he couldn’t figure out why.

Tubbs had blurred vision, headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. He had lost 40 pounds from his mysterious illness, according to KSL.

The Utah father of two called off work in order to search for an answer as to what was destroying his health. He didn’t head to a doctor’s office, though; he stayed at home to hunt for the cause.

His search paid off when he made an odd discovery, as court documents revealed:

Tubbs located numerous empty eyedrop solution bottles with the tops pulled off them in a black, cloth bag with a zipper.

But Tubbs hadn’t been using the eyedrops, and he quickly realized they weren’t going in his eyes.

Shocked by his find, he began searching eyedrop solution side effects and found them to be “consistent with his symptoms.”

It appeared the man was slowly being poisoned by the eyedrops, and his wife, Chandra Vayu Stevens Read, was suspected of being the person to blame.

After confronting her, Tubbs realized he wasn’t the only person he needed to be worried about. Read told him:

“It wasn’t just for you. It was for someone else, too.”

Investigators discovered a multitude of eyedrops, including six unopened boxes, 11 empty boxes, and 10 empty bottles.

Her statement made Tubbs fearful the eyedrops were also placed in his children’s drinks, according to court documents:

“The children had a dramatic change in behavior over a short period of time. He [Tubbs] claims that the children have become more irritable and less consolable than they normally have been in the past.”

Read was charged with surreptitious administration of a substance, which is a class A misdemeanor. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Oct. 30.

Investigators are not yet sure of Read’s motive.

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