A New Year’s surprise written inside a letter seemingly went very wrong when the intended recipient failed to even open the note.

A nightclub in Nottingham, England claims that they discovered the sealed letter, written by a woman identified as “Sarah,” when they cleaned the dance floor after New Year’s.

The note was addressed to her presumed partner, “Josh,” and held a big surprise. In the letter, Sarah revealed that she was pregnant with his child.

PRYZM Nottingham wrote on Facebook:

Our cleaners have just finished cleaning after NYE and have found this sealed envelope. We’ve just opened it and now we need to know, does Josh know?! ?

PRYZM Nottingham/Facebook

The letter, which Dearly censored for some graphic language, said:


“Special” is what I’ll call the last few years, I’ll be collecting you later after you’ve had a few beers.

There’s a reason I couldn’t come with you tonight, I’ve asked for this letter to be given to you at midnight.

I hope when you read this you’ll be filled with joy — the question is, girl or boy?

Happy new year, I hope you’ve had fun, maybe next time baby…

Love Sarah xxx

PRYZM Nottingham/Facebook

Some social media users questioned the authenticity of the letter, while others started a mission to find the “Josh” alluded to in the letter, Daily Mail reports.

Facebook commenters started the hashtag “#FindJosh.”

As of now, there’s been no luck publicly identifying the couple.

Seems like we’ll just have to wait and see if Sarah found another surprising way to deliverer the big news.

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4 Replies to “Expectant Mom Reveals Pregnancy in Letter For Partner to Open on New Year’s. Cleaners Found It Sealed”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Dear Josh,
    I’ve ruined your life with my irresponsibility. See you in court.

    • ML 2 years ago

      LOL, This comment has to be from a man. Not like he could have used a condom or anything, it’s ALL THE WOMAN’S FAULT. How dare she be an equal participant in an activity that takes two people. Stupid incel!

  • MariaRose 2 years ago

    Sounds like whoever Josh is, he was too drunk to realize he had a note to read and the person who had to give him the note. It doesn’t change the message, whether he wanted to read it or not.

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