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Ex-Husband Exhumes Baby’s Body and Puts Remains in a Garage. Mom Is Fighting to Lay Him to Rest

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Georgia mom Carin Manusuthakis buried her son, Wesley, 27 years ago. He died shortly after being born and was laid to rest in a cemetery near other family members.

So when the mom heard that her ex-husband had their son exhumed last month, she was in shock. Manusuthakis told WFIE:

“Why would anyone do this? This child has been buried for 27 years, resting peacefully in a cemetery buried with other family members.”

Her ex-husband, Steven Newton, had Fair Haven Funeral Home exhume the body on December 21.

He then picked up the remains and put them his father’s garage over state lines in Kentucky. The child’s grandfather, L.T. Newton, is the local magistrate.

Manusuthakis had no idea her son’s body was being taken from his grave and is unsure if her ex-husband legally obtained the proper permits to exhume the child.

Kentucky State Police are now investigating the incident. Department spokesperson Corey King told WFIE:

“This is unchartered for us. Eighteen years of working in service work like this, I have never experienced a complaint or call like this.”

Investigators are working to determine whether or not the father used fraudulent permits to exhume the child.

The mother told Tri-State:

“I just want my child home and buried where he belongs. He was there for 27 years. He should have never been moved. He’s buried in a cemetery there with my family. And it should have never happened.”

The funeral home that exhumed the body is “working with the family to figure things out,” the manager said in a statement.

The child’s remains are currently being kept at the coroner’s office in Hancock County until police conclude their investigation.

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