She knew her daughter had been in her room listening to music when “a blood-curdling scream” filled their home.

The scream was followed by the sound of a gunshot and another scream.

As WISN reports, Stephanie Juga immediately starting walking towards her daughter, Kaylie’s, room when she was met by her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Martice Fuller, in the hallway.

Fuller then pointed the gun at Stephanie. The mom allegedly pleaded, “You don’t have to do this.” But Fuller replied:

“Yes, I have to.”

According to WISN, Stephanie told investigators that she was trying to close the door to one of the bedrooms when Fuller “looked her right in the eyes” and shot her twice, once in the arm and again in the wrist.


When she tried to close the door again, Fuller kicked it down and shot her a third time.

Stephanie was able to dial 911 and ultimately hid in the bathroom until police arrived.

After Fuller initially denied any involvement in the shooting, his cousin told police that he admitted to shooting Kaylie twice after telling the friend who dropped him off and picked him up that “a group of girls he knew shot Kaylie.”

Eventually, Fuller reportedly admitted that he entered Kaylie and Stephanie’s home through the garage, saw Kaylie wearing headphones, and shot her.

When she screamed, Fuller said her scream “freaking him out” and he shot her again. The 15-year-old also admitted to shooting Stephanie when she came running towards her daughter’s screams.

Kaylie died as a result of her injuries.

An autopsy performed by the Milwaukee County medical examiner revealed that Kaylie was shot once in the head and four times in the chest.

Stephanie has since been released from the hospital and is still recovering from the May 9 shooting.

In an interview with WISN, Kaylie’s father told reporters that she “was just starting to feel safe again,” after Fuller allegedly stalked her for months.


The stalking allegedly forced Kaylie to change jobs so that she wouldn’t be alone and Fuller was expelled from their school.

Fuller could be tried as an adult. He has since been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, attempted first-degree intentional homicide and armed burglary. He is being held on a $1million bond and faces life in prison.

Prosecutors told the judge at his initial hearing that they believe there was a “high level of premeditation.”

WISN reports that it’s believed that the shooting occurred following a conflict that transpired on social media.

On a GoFundMe page set up to raise money to help Kaylie’s family pay for medical costs and funeral arrangements, a quote by Kaylie was also shared.

It read:

“I made up a thing that every day when I wake up, I text the people I love ‘I love you have a good day’ because I feel like this world is taking people left and right. All I’m saying is that you never know when God is gonna call. Today wasn’t promised and tomorrow isn’t either. Appreciate that.”


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