Ewan McGregor has filed for divorce from his wife, Eve Mavrakis after 22 years of marriage, TMZ reports.

The couple reportedly split last May, although the news didn’t break until October, when The Sun published photos of Ewan kissing his “Fargo” co-star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, in London.

The actor’s daughter, 15-year-old Esther McGregor, recently posted a video on her Instagram account in which she reportedly sang about the situation. In it, she blasted her father for leaving her mom.

Esther McGregor/Instagram

In a song she titled “Made You A Man,” Esther sang:

“I read some dumb s**t that I found online,
Seeing those pictures they’re making me cry.
Happy Birthday to me, am I right?”

According to Fox News, some these lyrics are a direct reference to the photographs of her father kissing Winstead. The Sun broke the story on October 22, which was Esther’s birthday.

In the next set of lyrics, she implied that she has strong feelings about her father’s actions.

She crooned:

“And I don’t know how to forgive,
I don’t know if I can,
Ruining me sure made you a man.”

In October,The Sun reported that the news of Ewan’s alleged affair with Winstead devastated Mavrakis.

Now, on the news of the divorce, Mavrakis told The Sun:

“It’s disappointing and upsetting but my main concern is our four children are OK.”

The Sun reported that in May, Winstead reportedly ended her marriage as well. Meanwhile, Ewan told his wife that he had feelings for his co-star — and though Mavrakis wanted to make the relationship work, the couple couldn’t save the marriage.

TMZ reports that Ewan cited irreconcilable differences in his divorce papers and requested joint custody of their three children, although Mavrakis wants sole custody of her kids with visitation rights for Ewan.

You can listen to Esther’s song below:

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