Emily Skye is a fitness instructor from Australia. With millions of online followers, girls around the world look up to her and follow her programs to become strong and confident.


When the young trainer and her partner, Declan, got pregnant, Emily was confident she’d be able to continue her training until the moment she popped out her baby.

At first, this was true, as she shared inspiring videos of her weight training throughout her pregnancy.

However, as time went on and her bump grew, Emily had to halt her training, as it was the best decision for both her and her baby.

She gained more than 46 pounds during her pregnancy, but in every one of her snapshots, the fitness model is glowing with happiness and anticipation to meet her baby girl.


On Dec. 18, Mia Elise Redmond was born, and her parents could not be more overjoyed.

And Emily is nothing but honest with her followers. Five days postpartum, she bared all and shared a very intimate photo on Instagram detailing her post-pregnancy struggles. She wrote, in part:

I barely recognise myself when I look in the mirror! . I’m far from a “glam mum” HAHA! ? – I currently live in what you could call “granny undies”, it hurts to do much with the stitches from my episiotomy, and feeding is extremely painful – I had no idea it would be this bad! ? My back is still really sore and when I walk around it literally feels like my insides are going to fall out. ? I also had diastasis recti that was 3 finger widths apart the day after giving birth. .

She went on to write that her pregnancy was nothing like she imagined it would be.


She continued on:

So many people told me I would “bounce right back” after giving birth like a lot of other fit women do. – Well that’s definitely not the case for me! It’s only 5 days after I gave birth to Mia and I look about 6 or so months pregnant. I can tell I’m going to have a LOT of hard work ahead of me to get fit and strong again which I KNOW I can do but it’s not my priority right now – spending this time with my daughter is. Getting my “body back” can take a back seat for the time being… I’ll get there in a realistic time frame & I refuse to put pressure on myself to get there. .

Her candid and real post had her followers applauding her honesty. Emily’s followers supported her and provided words of encouragement:

u still look amazing and what you and your body has just gone through is tough work. U will definately bounce back and it is such a breath of fresh air when you see fitness bloggers and models like yourself putting the real you out there. Hope I am as brave as you when I give birth x

This is what you call a REAL post on Instagram ! There is too many people showing themselves as only perfect !! This is perfect flaws and all as we are all human ! And it’s not all about how many burpees you can do or how toned your stomach is ! You grew a human ! And have a great perspective about it – good on you you look gorgeous and I choose to follow ur feed because it’s real and not fake ?✨

Thank you for normalising afterbirth ? you look beautiful and it’s really completely normal for your body to take time to get back to what it was pre pregnancy.

It’s so refreshing to see someone like yourself who is in the limelight and fitness industry who’s body actually looks like a lot of woman after birth. So many woman who are genetically lucky and dont even look like they’ve given birth because that’s just the way their bodies are can give false expectations for many other pregnant woman and mothers so ?????? to you for showing the other side to pregnancy and after birth bodies..

Thank you for putting a realistic face to post partum and being so positive. You’re a great role model to young mommies out there! WTG

Emily knows what’s important here. It’s not fitness, it’s not washboard abs, it’s not hitting the gym seven days a week. Instead, it’s being the best mom she can be to her baby girl.


Emily concluded her candid post bursting with pride:

I am SO blessed and beyond happy to bring home my baby girl Mia today. I feel completely content. I look at her and start crying because of the overwhelming love I have for her…

She added: “I love my body SO much for growing this precious little person.”

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