Shortly before tucking his son into bed, Gabriel Moore and his wife filmed an unusual repetition of movement in their baby’s arms.

As Moore tried to tuck one arm under the covers the other arm popped right up. When Moore attempted to place that arm under the cover, the opposite arm then popped up.

Screenshot/Gabriel Moore

As IJR previously reported, the Moro reflex is an involuntary reflex to stimulation in babies that usually disappears when they’re three to fourth months old. It’s also called the startle response, startle reflex, and embrace reflex. It’s a normal reflex response in newborn babies.

One dad recently explained after a video of his son popping his arms overhead went viral that his son had a strong Moro reflex that would wake him up at night. It lessened once the baby was swaddled.

It is not clear which reflex Moore’s baby is exhibiting, but one thing is for certain: There was absolutely nothing wrong with him at the time Moore filmed the video. As the dad later shared on YouTube: “To those that say contact a doctor that this is not normal … Tyler is now 8 with no problems.”

What do you think? Watch the video below.

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