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Since 2009, Paul Anka, the lyricist behind Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” and his ex-wife, former Miss Sweden Anna Åberg, have been involved in a nasty divorce and custody battle.

In fact, just hours before Anka reportedly decided to file for divorce, the two engaged in such a heated argument that both parties called the police.

Not only have the former spouses been involved in separation and custody litigation, but Anka also filed a defamation lawsuit against Åberg just months after he filed for divorce. The suit stated Åberg falsely accused Anka of forging her name on a prenuptial agreement.

But that wasn’t all…

In addition, per TMZ, the defamation suit claimed Åberg married Anka only “to leverage Paul’s celebrity status to get herself a television show.”

Åberg did, in fact, star in the TV show “Swedish Hollywood Wives” after they wed.

This is how it all started… Swedish Hollywood Wives season 1!!!

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As for their 11-year-old son, Anka accused Åberg of behaving bizarrely.

During a string of performances throughout the Middle East, Anka said she became obsessed with the notion of their son being “kidnapped and sold into slavery” and that she was constantly worried about “a major child porn industry in Israel and Ethan will be put into it.”

He also claimed she fell into rage-filled episodes.

But now, all those claims have proven to aid Anka in the custody battle.

On Sunday, Page Six reported that Anka won sole custody, while Åberg is (emphasis added) “barred from having any contact with their boy.”

He told Page Six:

“It’s the greatest day of my life. This was all about protecting Ethan. The system has worked.”

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Åberg, however, was beside herself. She reportedly hasn’t seen her son in over two years after he testified in court that he “has an intense dislike of his mother.”

But Åberg’s attorney, Lisa Helfend Meyer, argued for “family reunification” — a concept that encourages a child who is turned against one parent, usually by the devices of the other parent, should reunite with the unfavored parent.

Furthermore, Meyer argued that banning communication between mother and son was outrageous:

“Even drunks and addicts get to call and see their children.”

She attempted to back her sentiment, saying:

“There is no evidence, no facts, no court finding on her being an unfit mother.”

Meyer also insisted Anka’s high profile is an unfair advantage:

“His reported income is about $300,000 a month. He’s been able to out-lawyer a woman who doesn’t have the finances or the celebrity to combat him.”

On my way to the Sunrise Theatre in Ft. Pierce today! Looking forward to our show tonight at 8pm! #paulankatour

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Despite the counter arguments, Anka walked away with full custody. However, the drama wasn’t finished yet.

Page Six reported that Åberg confronted Anka’s current wife, Lisa Pemberton, outside the courtroom, shouting:

“Get a life!”

To which Pemberton, unfazed, responded:

“I have a life … with your child.”

This isn’t the first custody grant of its kind.

In 2011, NBA star Dwayne Wade won sole custody of his two sons after an exhausting legal battle. And in 2014, NFL star Deion Sanders won sole custody of his three children after a nasty litigation process. In both situations, the mothers of their children were painted as unstable by attorneys, the media, or both.

Although the separation of a child from his or her mother can cause a multitude of issues later on — such as the effect on verbal communication and abandonment issues — it’s clear that these parents will do anything when it comes to their children’s wellbeing.

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