NHL winger Evander Kane announced on Thursday that the reason for his recent absence was because his wife had suffered a miscarriage.

CBS Sports reports the 27-year-old Sharks’ player reportedly missed the team’s last six games due to an injury and “personal reasons.” Kane detailed those reasons in a Twitter post on Thursday.

He wrote:

I would like to thank everyone who has reached out to my wife and I during this extremely difficult time. Over the weekend, our daughter, Eva, at 26 weeks, passed away. As expecting parents, this past week has broken us.

Further, he thanked their loved ones and his team for their support and understanding.

Kane said:

We’ve received a ton of support from family and friends, and we truly want to thank them. We would also like to thank our Sharks Family for their support, compassion, and allowing me to be with my family during this time.

The hockey player also shared a touching message to his late daughter.

He said:

My family and I are heartbroken. Words cannot express how excited we were to welcome our baby girl into the world and watch her grow. Eva, you have been the absolute biggest blessing of our lives and we are all so grateful for all the joy you brought us in such a short amount of time.You gave us all, especially your mom and I, something to be incredibly excited about. And though we are devastated that you couldn’t stay with us longer, your mom and I will always cherish the time we had with your beautiful soul. Your spirit will give us strength, your love will give us comfort. We will love you forever.

The NHL and NHLPA extended their condolences to Kane and his family on Thursday.

According to Very Well Family, Kane made a wise decision in taking some time off from work. The website suggests those coping with a miscarriage give themselves some personal time to grieve.

Further, the site emphasizes the importance of couples supporting each other and communicating with each other during the grieving process.

Very Well Family also advises mourning parents to honor their baby with a statue, a tree, a garden, or a piece of jewelry.

Other tips include writing in a journal and finding a support group.

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3 Replies to “Pro Hockey Star Evander Kane Writes Heartfelt Message to Unborn Daughter After Wife Suffers Miscarriage”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    My condolences to them and the heartbreak of losing their daughter. I can’t help but think of the difference in a decision to terminate by choice a same precious daughter or son at 26 weeks. We mourn with these parents and condone others? So the value of the life is in the mind of the parent? Abortion is the plague on our society. It does not bring freedom or happiness. It’s murder and always will be.

  • Cara 2 years ago

    Wow. His post was heartbreaking and beautiful. God bless his family dealing with such a loss.

  • Ginger 2 years ago

    May you feel God’s love at this time of sorrow! We do not understand why we lose a precious member of our family but I have peace in knowing when I lost mine he or she went to heaven & is playing up there & I will see him or her when it is my turn to go home! We all feel for your family & will be praying for you!

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