Sharon Price and Andy Price were getting ready to have the “time of their lives” before their wedding by practicing a dance routine they wanted to do on the big day. But things didn’t go very smoothly for the couple.

The bride-to-be’s favorite movie is “Dirty Dancing,” so she thought the pair could rev up their wedding song by performing the iconic moment when Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey nail the unforgettable lift to “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life,” according to the BBC.


Sharon said:

“We thought it would be something different. Everybody else slow dances, so we thought we’d jazz it up a bit.”

Sharon and her fiancé decided to give it a go on the “spur of the moment” at a pub garden.


Andy explained:

“There was no build up, no warm up and that was it. […] We were about 30 feet apart and Sharon ran and I grabbed her hips and the next thing we knew we were flat out.”

The couple didn’t stand up and laugh about the failed attempt at the dance move because they couldn’t — they had knocked each other out.

Sharon struggled to breathe, and Andy lost consciousness.


Andy said:

“I think I knocked myself out hitting the floor as hard as I did. I wasn’t too aware of what was going on after that.”

Sharon began to feel the pain immediately after the lift went horribly wrong for the engaged couple. She recalled:

“I can remember running towards Andy and then the next thing just struggling for breath and my back was hurting.”

What was supposed to be a fun, loving moment between the two sent them to the emergency room. And Andy was faced with a serious injury:

“I was concussed. I was out. I ended up in a neck brace and had to have a CT scan.”

The couple were home from the hospital six hours after their dancing disaster.

Sharon has decided to say goodbye to her dream of putting herself and her fiancé in Swayze and Grey’s dance pose after the couple’s fail, and she might nix the song from their wedding day altogether:

“I don’t think we’ll have that one at the wedding, I think we’ll go for a traditional slow one and I’ll let Andy choose.”

The musical lineup for their wedding day might be changing, but the banged-up and bruised couple, who already share the same last name, are ready to become “Mr. and Mrs.” on October 6 of next year — no matter what song is playing.

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