When it comes to parents, their children are always watching.

And a recent video Audrey Roloff shared on her Instagram with her fans is a perfect example of just that.

On August 3, Audrey took to social media and shared a video she captured of her husband Jeremy Roloff and their daughter, 1-year-old Ember. In the video, Jeremy and Ember are sitting in her room.

You can hear Jeremy asking Ember, “one more?” before Ember is seen smiling up at her dad with a play cellphone in her hands.

She then takes her arm, wraps it around her dad’s neck, holds her play phone out as if she was taking a “selfie,” and sweetly says, “cheese!”

The moment made Audrey, who is currently expecting their second child, chuckle. She wrote:

Caught in the act… Ember taking selfies with Daddy. The little arm around his shoulder kills me. #EmberJean

The most adorable part, however, is perhaps Ember was taking selfies in that exact same pose because it’s something she has seen her parents do time and time again:

And just like Audrey, many of her followers can’t get over how cute, and funny the video is:

The hand on the back of daddy’s neck just killed me.

Omg. Precious. Also, she needs to stop growing up so fast.

Ahh! This is PRECIOUS!

This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

Omg. Too cute! Something we would never have done as kids.

This is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!! Ember’s arm around Jer kills me, she’s just too precious.

Meanwhile, others said it was when their children started imitating them that they’ve realized habits they didn’t know they had. One commenter wrote:

Isn’t it amazing how they imitate their parents? I never noticed some of my habits and facial expressions until my daughter started doing them.

To which Audrey replied saying, “It’s the cutest and the scariest at the same time.”

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