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Eleven-Year-Old Left Alone to Babysit an Infant Has Been Charged With Child Abuse After His Death


An 11-year-old Maryland girl is facing charges after a baby boy left in her care died from injuries she allegedly caused.

It started Saturday, February 23, when 1-year-old Paxton Davis was left in the care of his mother’s friend, according to NBC 4.

The adult babysitter then left Sunday morning to run an errand and put her 11-year-old daughter in charge of watching the baby boy, authorities said.

During that time, the girl allegedly inflicted severe injuries on the boy, causing his skull to crack.

The 11-year-old’s mother called 911 when she returned home but told Paxton’s mom, Tonya Davis, that he fell off a bed.

Davis told NBC 4 that she was suspicious of the mother’s story because her son’s injuries were so severe.

Police later confirmed that foul play was likely. Prince George’s County police Maj. Brian Reilly said at a press conference on Friday:

“When hospital staff took a look at our 1-year-old victim, they immediately called child abuse detectives due to the severity of his injuries. It was clear from the beginning that the injuries Paxton suffered were not consistent with the normal play of a 1-year-old.”

Paxton remained hospitalized for four days before passing away on Thursday.

The 11-year-old was arrested later that day after it was determined she was in “sole caring custody” of the baby at the time of his injuries, according to Fox 43.

She has been charged with first-degree child abuse but may be brought up on additional charges. Reilly said the 11-year-old’s motive to harm the baby is unclear:

“I don’t know what motive there would be in a situation like this for an 11-year-old to intentionally inflict injuries on a 1-year-old … There are no words. There is no reason for this to take place.”

Tonya thinks the girl’s mother should also be brought up on charges. Reilly said it wasn’t being ruled out:

“We are still looking at a lot of different things. I can’t say yes. I can’t say no.”

According to NBC 4, Maryland law states that children must be supervised by a person no younger than 13.

The 11-year-old is currently being held in a juvenile detention center. Her name has not been released publicly.

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  1. No bay should be left with a 11 year old. She is just not responsible enough. She should be charged as stated. The mother is also guilty of negligence.

  2. The MOTHER of the eleven-year-old child should be charged – SHE was supposed to be in charge of the little toddler. This is a tragedy, indeed, but I find it hard to believe that an 11 y.o. would be hostile enough to inflict serious injuries on another child on the one hand, but the main responsibility should be on her mother. Seriously sad.

  3. That girl had obvious behavior issues to beat a baby to death. And yes, today way too many older children are capable of violent murder.

  4. Motive ???? The eleven year old just couldn’t handle it. The baby was probably crying a lot. The child should never have been left with an eleven yr old.

  5. The babysitter and her daughter should be charged in the Murder of that sweet baby boy
    I am sure that daughter has displayed that kind of behavior before

  6. Anyone who defends the 11 year old clearly is far too soft and naive for their own good. The kid was more than old enough to understand to not bear a baby in the head because it’s making noise or annoying. The young girl in this story is a psychopath and that likely wasn’t it’s first act of violence just the only own that ended in death so it was noticed. This kid needs medicated and treated until 18 and then released into normal society if they can say for certain they aren’t a threat. That’s how serial killers are started this was her first kill she may have savored it for all we know.

  7. I believe that the 11 year old CHILD herself needs intensive mental health treatment to understand the severity and the reasoning behind her actions and help her cope. The mother in-charge of caring for them BOTH should have the charges pressed against her for child endangerment.

  8. 11 year old clearly should be charged, and I think it should be manslaughter 2. The baby died, it was more than abused. It was murdered. An 11 year old is clearly old enough to know right from wrong. The mother should be brought to charge, but not as severe.

  9. I used to leave my 4 children with an 11 year old while I drove my husband to the bus station 2 miles away. He was very responsible and took his younger siblings outside to play all the time. I never felt any worries. It was early and my kids usually were in bed still but sometimes the older two would wake up. They were all under 7, the youngest were infant twins. His mother was upstairs so I knew he could get an adult if he needed one but we never had any trouble. It isn’t so much age but how responsible a child is. I knew he could handle the responsibility for 20 minutes and it allowed him to earn a few dollars and my children to get a little extra sleep. We would have had to wake everyone at least an hour earlier to get all the kids changed, dressed and into the cold car to make it to the bus station on time. They would have been crying with cold and hunger because feeding would have added another hour to the routine.

  10. Her baby sitter she be charged because the eleven years old she l child her self lm she probably need mental issues this little one is in heaven l pray for the child mother and the family the get justice because l have have tree children and l never put them in any child care because that’s happens any where testers peace with the little angels my
    ore pl

  11. I agree with you that the 11 year old possibly was being abused and therefore inflicts pain on this small child much like she gets often.

  12. Even though an 11 year old should know right from wrong culpability plays into this. Culpability has several parts to it. This was blatant negligence on the sitter’s part. That is why no one should allow children to supervise other children for this reason and also other situations as well. Say if a child your 11 year is babysitting gets hurt and dies from that injury can you imagine what your child has to carry with them for a lifetime. I babysat my young cousins too when I was 12. When I think back of what responsibility my aunt and uncle placed on me and my parents allowed it I thank God nothing serious ever happened. I didn’t know first aid, CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver when I was young.

  13. If that brat is old enough to hurt a child 👶🏻 enough so that it dies, she is old enougj to face the consequences !!!
    & i aint talking kiddie jail…..

  14. Why don’t you give the police a chance to investigate before you call an 11 yr old a psychopath or worse! It is the babysitters fault this happened! The 11 yr old needs counseling & support to understand why she did what she did! Ultimately it is the babysitter that is to blame!

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