When cops come knocking, it’s usually best to do what they say. But two New York City women took advantage of one elderly woman’s trust in the “authorities” recently.

According to NBC New York, two plain-clothed women stopped by 78-year-old Gloria Santos’s home in Washington Heights on August 17 with devious intentions.

Screenshot/CBS New York

The women, who both had long dark hair and wore white shirts, knocked on the elderly woman’s door and put on their best game faces.

Patch reported that when the elderly woman opened the door to her West 189 Street apartment, the two mysterious women told her that they were police officers looking for her 19-year-old grandson.

Screenshot/PIX 11

Santos told CBS New York:

“They say ‘I’m police and I’m looking for Christopher Hungria,’ and I go, ‘He’s not here.’”

But Santos trusted them and let the two women inside under the assumption that they were real police officers.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Screenshot/Google Maps

Once inside the elderly woman’s apartment, the women started scouring the apartment for any cash they could find, the New York Police Department told Pix 11.

Sadly, the woman was unaware that a robbery was in progress. That is, until they left.

Shortly after the thieves left her apartment, the elderly woman realized that they had escaped the building with all $10,000 of her grandson’s life savings.


The cash was hidden away with his two large snakes in a small dark cupboard. He told CBS New York that he was unsure how the women knew it was there. Hungria said:

“Everything was taken, not even a dollar left and then I see a fake aluminum badge that says ‘NYPD 123. Nobody knows I have my money there, maybe like two or three people. I don’t know if it was a fake friend who told other people, ‘Listen this guy has money here.’”

Santos was so shaken by the incident that she was “nervous” to let real investigators inside.

But it doesn’t appear that the elderly woman will be able to rest easy any time soon. Police have yet to capture the two women responsible for the crime.

You can watch interviews from Santos and Hungria below.

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