Elderly Mom Found Alone, Slumped Over Desk at Nursing Home, Family Says. Photo Sparks an Investigation

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A nursing home in Ohio is raising concerns after an 80-year-old patient was found slumped over on an office desk. Her son claims he found his mother “gasping for breath” and being choked by her own saliva.

According to WOIO, Esther Brown was receiving nursing home care and assisted living care at Altercare Nobles Pond in Canton at the time of the incident.

James Brown was with the family’s pastor when he made an unexpected visit to the facility and found a very disturbing situation.

On Saturday during a late-night visit, he found Esther face down in a pillow while in a private room alone.

Shocked by the disheartening sight, his pastor, Julia Wiggins, shared two jarring photos of the elderly woman to urge families to make surprise visits to nursing facilities to check on their loved ones.

Wiggins explained the photo in a Facebook post.

Dear Facebook family and friends, this is how we found our dear Mother Esther Brown at the nursing home for…

Posted by Julia Wiggins on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

She said she had taken James home to change his clothes and came back to the center to find that Esther was moved to a private room. They searched for the woman but could not “find anyone.” Wiggins recalled:

I noticed something in the corner of the nurses station. After being inquisitive we approached the subject only to find out that it was Mother Esther Brown face down into a soft pillow gasping for breath and strangling on her own saliva.

She added:

We were there banging on doors and yelling for help for about 5 to 10 minutes before someone came to assist.

James was heartbroken after his discovery. Wiggins writes:

Her son began to cry out that’s my momma and we hurried to her and upon hearing her son’s voice she tried with all her might to raise her head!

After expressing her frustrations, Wiggins encouraged families to “make random visits” to care centers and nursing homes between the second and third shifts.

Screenshot/Cleveland 19

She told ABC 5 Cleveland:

“We couldn’t tell that it was a human. I thought it was a cat that they had brought in. The length of time that we spent banging, screaming and looking for assistance, she never came.”

The heartbreaking photo was shared over 20,000 times over the weekend and sparked an investigation with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Aging.

The family has filed a complaint against Altercare Nobles Pond. The facility said in a statement:

We were informed of a family complaint on February 15, 2019. We have followed the protocol established regarding any allegation, including immediately reporting the concern to the Ohio Department of Health and completing an internal investigation.

The Browns believe Esther was neglected in the facility. The care center and the health department are both looking into the allegations.

Watch the family of the elderly woman speak out in the video below:

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  1. As a nurse and with an extensive history in management at an ALF and a nursing home, I take issue with this. Number one, you can’t receive BOTH nursing home care and ALF care in the same facility on the same patient….both are different legal entities with different parameters of care. Also, the fact that she is at the nursing station means that the staff felt she needed a closer eye on her and wanted to keep her with them or perhaps she was just lonely and wanted to sit with the staff. There is a good possibility that the staff put her with them, then had another resident call out for help or they heard a noise indicating a possible emergency and the staff left their work area to investigate. I know that some places deserve to be sued but way too often we see families anxious to rake in money and make all sorts of accusations, often unfounded. The resident being at the nurses’ station does not indicate abuse or neglect. The patient doesn’t appear to be in distress looking at these pictures.

  2. I agree with Micheline Stafford. My mother is a nurse at a nursing home and they have patients that they bring in to sit with them to keep them out of trouble. Sadly dementia causes some to self harm and they are not aware of what they are doing to themselves. And oftentimes there is a nurse doing med rounds a nurse or aid doing checks or bathroom etc. So not always are they at the desk. Also 3rd shift is always short staffed everywhere.

  3. An investigation will be done and it will determine whether there was neglect or abuse. What I observe is a patient who is not in the most comfortable position for an elderly patient. It’s hard to assess her breathing because we were not there with her. I recall my sweet beloved aunt who was in a nursing home facility after suffering a hemorrhagic brain aneurism and suffered paralysis on her one side. Never complaining she confided in me one day how hard it was to sit in the wheelchair from early morning til 8pm. I went to the charge nurse and I warned if that happens again I will not hesitate to go to the director of nurses and the administrator. Every day after that my aunt got a nap break after lunch.

  4. I had my folks in the nursing home in North Dakota n I told the staff that if they messed with my folks they would b dealing with me n if they dealt with me it wouldn’t b pretty. I had other family’s loved ones come to my folks room n say r u the one that we can come to if they had concerns about their family member in the home n I thought OMG I’m known as the BYTCH on that floor of the nursing home. I know the nurses on the floor didn’t like me n I really didn’t care because it was my way or the highway n they knew it. I saw almost the same thing on the floor n I would go after a aide n had them do something about it. What was really sad is the aides did more than the nurses did. I was told that when the health officials were coming u always knew because everything was done right. I called the health officials n told them to do a sneak visit because that was the only way they would find out the truth on how the patients were treated. It’s very sad to see how they r treated. I hope u can get something done because that is totally BS.

  5. To the family members of this lady I say take your loved one home and care for her yourself if you think it is so easy to care for a patient with dementia 24 hours a day.

  6. Do you ever think maybe all those understaffed and underpaid assistants were busy with other residents. Many McDonald’s workers make more than a CNA does. NO ONE IS THERE JUST FOR THE PAYCHECK!!!
    Those extremely hard working CNA give all there mind, emotions, and physical strength to take care of your loved ones. Surprise visits are great, then you can see all the residents who are sundowning and see what it’s really like to take care of your loved ones. CNA and nurses are frequently physically abused by thier elderly residents. It’s not the residents fault that many hit, kick, bite, or swear at the caregivers, who take it without complaint. This is one of the most abused professions.
    Maybe that wait of 5-10 minutes was d/t an aggressive resident, a dying resident, or an emotionally sad resident whom just needed somebody to listen to them. Should the caretaker stop what that are doing to answer the phone or the doorbell. I hope not!! Don’t judge a situation you know nothing about! Life’s not just about you , it’s about all these residents that are being taken care off so you families dont need to be burdened!

  7. To Cristi for being a bully… The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I take it. Your over-the-top way of handling situations is not helping anyone. Why would you want to scare the people that dedicate their lives to your loved ones. I haven’t worked in a nursing home for many years, but I do work in a hospital. If you came in with your loved one and tried to “scare” or bully me around, I would have you removed from the premises by security faster than a you could get one of your nasty comments out. Have respect for the people taking care of your loved ones because you obviously aren’t capable of doing it yourself.

  8. My mom was abused in. Sorry Nursing Home in Marietta Ga. If it had not been for me and my mother in law checking on you would have never been known. I lost my mother to this neglect. Needless to say this placed was removed by state. I get so angry Its almost uncontrollable. Make suppose visits often when least expected and you will save your love one and get the state involved on neglect shown to our family.

  9. My mom was abused in. Sorry Nursing Home in Marietta Ga. If it had not been for me and my mother in law checking on you would have never been known. I lost my mother to this neglect. Needless to say this placed was removed by state. I get so angry Its almost uncontrollable. Make suppose visits often when least expected and you will save your love one and get the state involved on neglect shown to our family.

  10. I am a STNA. We work out butts off to take care of your loved ones. I treat all people like how I would want to be treated. I get pinch, scratched, cursed at grandparent. Older men like to grab women behinds and they like to show their junk to us and talk dirty to us. If you worked even a 4 hour shift people would think different about what nurses and aides do for a living. While your at ball games, birthday parties and Thanksgiving or even Christmas we are at a nursing facility taking care of your loved ones. I personally missed all those things that I will never get back. I love my job. I love taking great care of your mother or father or grandparent. I’m not here for the paycheck!!!! I’m here to make sure your family is well taken care of. There are people who just drops off their loved ones and never comes to see them. And we are here to love them like our own!!!! People that are at the nurses station is because they want to hang out and see who all comes in to see their loved ones. Or they are a harm to themselves. The nurses station is the hangout spot.

  11. I don’t understand people that work in nursing home and mistreat the elderly like that. When you do that to another human being . God will allow you to get old and find yourself in the nursing home and you will be the one that will be neglected. And for the anonymous person that seem it necessary to say such a nasty thing. No one said it would be easy. However you should have known that before you signed up for the job. A person like you shouldn’t be around any older person . You don’t have a heart at all. Just live on .You don’t have to be old to find yourself in one these days. And people wonder why we don’t trust these people to take care of the elderly. children remember that your parents didn’t put you away when you were a baby and got sick. That parent took care of you. In order that your parents live until it their time to be called home. Take your Parents home .even if you have to pay someone to be there with them until you get home. Don’t throw them away like they’re garbage. You will regret it one day. We all know its not easy. But its well worth it not to live with all the guilt for the rest of your life. .My Mother has Alzheimer. I have a health issue myself and I am an only child .But I keep doing what I know is best for her. God knows it hard and frustrating . Praise be to God he give me the strength to keep going.

  12. I don’t think the facility will get a citation. It is the state that makes all the rules that make the work so difficult and I am pretty sure the state is aware of that.

  13. I beg to differ from the statements made here! I was in the nursing home business for 25 years and visited over 100 facilities. I would maybe recommend 1 or 2! Who in their right mind would put a elderly woman at a desk with her face down in a pillow?? That’s committing murder for someone that is weak. This place should be given s A citation! And the reason I have been in over a 100 facilities is because I always worked in the corporate office. I performed audits and training in facilities. I always said that I would never put a family member in a facility except for rehabilitation.

  14. We as a society claim to love our elderly parents and our young children, but the fact that we pay nursing home workers and daycare workers salaries that are barely above minimum wage belies that claim. You get what you pay for and in many instances you get poorly educated people working with these vulnerable populations. People who are barely scraping by and live with the pain of watching their own children do without. Give these jobs the respect they should have by requiring good education and providing good wages.

  15. I really doubt this woman was “drowning in her own saliva”. And I doubt you thought she was a cat either. I also doubt you were “banging on doors for ten minutes” before you could find anyone. Are you trying to drum up some sympathy in preparation for the big lawsuit you’re going to file? If this woman is well fed and clean and receiving all ordered medications and medical care I doubt you’ll get anywhere. Your story was overly dramatic. There are plenty of people in nursing homes and other places being abuse and neglected. No, really. This isn’t going to change as long as we have a for-profit healthcare system.

  16. I used to work in a nursing home/rehabilitation center where I grew up. I loved ALL of my residents, even the belligerent ones. I got to see first hand just how disgusting people could be (in that town it was THE highest paying job in that town and it didn’t pay very much) working with the elderly. I straight walked out on an overnight shift because our head nurse wasn’t following protocol with a resident (yes, there were protocols for ALL of the staff and being an aide it was in our best interests to know the protocols for all the different nursing positions, nurse or not). I was DISGUSTED by what I had witnessed that night and I made a call to corporate the next day, surprise surprise… never heard anything back (tried for 2 weeks with NO luck). I felt supremely justified in my actions. I REFUSED to be a part of a facility that was nothing more than a paycheck to 90%of the people who worked there. NEVER AGAIN!!!! So for those saying things like this don’t happen, yes they do and no one ever knows it. Take it from someone with a ridiculously high moral standard… nursing homes suck. That’s why I took care of both of my parents before they passed.

  17. My Mom was in a nursing home, due to a stroke, for 8 years. She needed 24 hour skilled care. The first nursing home she was in was a beautiful facility. She fell out of bed. Got a black eye then did it again and bruised her arm and face. One time we came and couldn’t find her. After a frantic search, she was found on the other side of the building in a wheel chair up against an exit door! We couldn’t wait to find her another place and thank God we did because all that bad stuff happened on a matter of 2 months. Only! We found her a smaller place and they were wonderful to her. They treated her like family and cared for her so well. I recommend that place to everyone! They also made us, her family, feel like we could come there any time and we did! I highly recommend pop in visits and ask questions! These people working in nursing homes have a lot to do and their work is stressful. I respect these people that take wonderful care of their residents because it takes a lot of patience to fo it
    That doesn’t mean that there are not some bad apples working in these places because there are. That is why you need to be vigilant.

  18. I’ve witnessed 1st hand some of the neglect. Believe me, it’s not only in nursing homes. I’ve seen it right in the hospitals. Saw where an elderly male was tied to a chair, sitting on his penis for many, many hours. So sorry for anyone that has to go through this neglect, or worse yet, what looks like intentional mis-treatment.

  19. This is disgraceful and shocking but it apparently happens more than anyone cares to admit. I had my mother in two different nursing homes that were suppose to be some of the best in Columbia, Missouri. I took her out of the first to the hospital. They called ahead saying I was bringing her but there was nothing wrong with her. The doctors said if I hadn’t brought her in she would have died. When she left the hospital I took her to Lenoir Woods, an even more respectable nursing home. After she had been there about a week I went to see her for a second time. She said “thank God you are here, you have to take me home or to the hospital, I don’t want to die here.” She said they made her do all these exercises in her wheelchair and she couldn’t do them. I pulled back the covers to see why and could have fell over. My mom was a tiny little woman. She still was from the waist up . Her whole body had been when she arrived there. Now she was huge from her waist down. The pants she was in were so tight it looked like we needed to cut them off. I just knew it was congestive heart failure, but I called for the nurses. They thought she was just fat. Another said it had to be her bad teeth. I told them to call an ambulance. They didn’t want to call saying they didn’t think anything was wrong. I told them they would call or else. She died two days later of congestive heart failure. I don’t think these people are trained good enough and they don’t want to pay what well trained people are paid. It was very painful for me blaming myself for not just taking her home instead of a nursing home. It wasn’t even anything permanent just until they felt she could come home.

  20. So true when I was young I work at Nursing homes and I saw some abuse and then I work in private nursing homes to and heard stuff . I was young and didn’t say nothing to my boss. But I would of stop if I saw someone hit the them . I enjoy working with the. Elderly . But I would never have my family there so sorry for this lady and yes if you have toCome in as often as you can because they do write down if family members come up they don’t and the ones that don’t they don’t treat them good so please look out for your family members

  21. This is horrible I worked at a nursing home only because my mom had been placed in one for ot pt therapy. I became a STNA (aide) when she went in… believe me they will train you fast and hire you in a heat beat. I was hired the same day on the spot and trading soon as they could.on the floor working with aide until later class was done… supposed not alone, they did that ok So many classes and hours not much and fast test…I still to this day can’t read or do a correct pulse. I know this was 15 years ago more modern now.. so I’m speaking all 14 yrs again. I can’t tell you how much neglect and abuse I seen. Yes I reported
    My mother was in a private room at end of the hall. Hamper slot next to her room ( explain later) …. anyways big sign above her bed PATIENT IS BLIND… ok mom got to know a lot of the aides by voices and nurses. You do not mess with a retired RN of 35 plus years… they knew she ways blind they dropped her twice that I knew of ( 3 I believe) I would work morning shift… no one would answer her lights, I could be in a patients room and I here the yell my mom last name light on or tell Cathy it’s your mom… oh it was horrible how my mom was treated and I worked there but couldn’t stay in here room doing work time…. she said to me why do all these aides hang out in my room? I worked 6-2 shift so I’d stay after as I trust no one there.. until dark…that how she knew there names… she say does so and so drink? I say why? she said they come in my room and prop a chair by door.. and drink
    I might be blind but they drink in my room.. I can smell…
    So sad put her in bathroom forget about her no she’s not going to sit there until they get dam ready to get her off.. I did all her bathing no one would, if I was scheduled to work or pt or my dads was there when I wasn’t… one night I was standing there the LPN is giving her meds and she drops a pill… I thought ok! my mom said you better not give me the pill you just dropped on the floor I was she heard that ( one sense goes bad and you can hear better) she did, I watched her wipe off why I let that go , I didn’t think she was happen so fast 😡 .. omg I walked in off elevator every morning my mom in a tall hard wheel chair sitting in lounge across nurses station … I say what and how long has she beem here?
    This pic is what’s got me going…oh she yells all night long . BS. My mom was in her right mind they drugged her to sleep.. then they say she was hallucinating.. this is just a few from my mom short stay… so all aides and staff started mentally abusing me..I called osha what ever number I find look near elevator should be posted…. she yell every time she hear them at the hamper to help her…. was there 3-4 weeks ambulance service come take her to dialysis 3-4 days , she was afraid to death laying on the stretcher more abuse, oh we didn’t know she was blind her eyes are open , Dear God ..I said read sign and uses a wheel l chair ..she was left in back afraid to death
    Long story get to know the aides mostly & nurses that is who is taking your loved ones… I seen way to much. I said I will quit my job 10 hour and take care of my mother…she was out ASAP
    I stayed 2 years and I can tell you if they know family is coming in it a different story..
    How they treat your loved ones. We were under staffed but that was daily. The aides all they worried about was hurry give them 🚿 bed bath PTA IS WHAT THEY CALLED THEM ( fiiqure it out body parts) another terrible thing how they flip them out onto shower chair throw sheet around there naked bodies grab clean clothes and down the hall….oh I seen it all
    The abuse on my self alone was terrible. No one would help me lift , pull up patience, I couldn’t push the cart fast enough, to long passing trays….yes I open the plate cut food , open drinks or what you were supposed to do.. my kids finally said mom we are report how they treat you. I said no…they will make my life miserable, well my oldest said you come home upset crying every day they did call.. I got hated more idk I’m taking care of my patients, after trays passed people that need feed, they did try one bite or two . Shut door hang out in the room , watch some tv… I seen more aides eat then patient. Chart your patient.. run out for that cigarettes break bs. I stay in a pt. Room on most of my breaks just to talk or extra help to them. Or in my mom’s when she was there I’m no angel by no means. DO NOT PUT YOU LOVE ONES IN A HOME UNLESS YOU PLAN TO VISIT VERY OFTEN. I call daily just check up say you may swing by in awhile….
    OMG you aides can abused me , do not ever say I did STUFF I GOT WRITTEN UP OR SO DUMB STUFF JUST SO THEY COULD GET RID OF ME after so many right ups …I won’t go there,
    The only time it was run properly was when State was in.. love unexpected visit to you never see so many people move so fast …
    no one turn this patients, put diapers on ones they did want to clean big messes up. Didn’t do a lot of stuff short cuts always SO mean dressing & undressing the simple things you the family wouldn’t dream of even water or light button to reach,,,. mom was out ASAP
    you see and hear it all in these homes
    I could say so much.. the supervisor said how can you work here to me?! I will not say no more I was ask if I wanted time of or to leave. I stayed 2 horrible years. I had a house and son’s to take care of and finally I left …worse job in my life! .. I loved when they started random drug testing…oh stories I can tell about what I seen there… I thought this was the better rehab center offered it was good for ot & pt but what was that 2 hours x amount day a week.. my mom died at home I was still working when I got the call. I’m walking out oh you didn’t sign out omg enough. I was ask if I wanted to quit or call it fired. I quit both abuses I couldn’t take! Longer story wish I did sooner to be with my mom and give dad more breaks…
    I took my mom death very hard as I was just getting ready to quit to care for her. 14 years ago hope better there…
    My husband mom different faculty for therapy ok she’s with hospice what few hours….does aides want to help No she’s with hospice . Came in had a alarm on her , said she fell.. my husband signed her out and that was it. Few days…we took care of her she was 90 and Still going strong Her body was tired too and she wasn’t sick before or went in notice the last few weeks.
    My dad I took care of 6 years and 3 yrs daily at his home he was easy to care for pretty much couldn’t walk knees bone on bone…wheel chair but he won’t never give up..he do more from a wheel chair then you could imagine he pivot in and out and to bed and bath room, loch chair stood and make a meal . NO WAY WAS HE GOING INTO A NURSING HOME I PROMISE I TAKE CARE OF HIM! I had 2 helpers I made dad allow in the house lol yep he was not happy… self paid and myself one was a retired aide actually one before her also was care giver and other retired lpn I had good help. He passed be 2 years in June … he did go to a hospital skilled care to learn to use oxygen and self help and foot swelling, he said to me you come every day where are my helpers? I said dad they have aides here, he said I want them here. Im smart I know how they are …Ok 👌 he paid them to help out when no aides would come I was just happy to have someone talking to him… honor his wishes got him out ASAP and took him home. He passed at home I was with hiim… disbelief I did not know he was drying nor did he. His body was tired an there was no more I could do or anyone . I was in disbelief now almost 2 year I don’t believe it. Unconditional love! #fatherdaugherbonf forever
    If you can help your loved ones ..please do have some one you trust to come in…I know a lot work have busy schedules, live out of town…not have money to self pay, Just get a reliable place to come in. There is help if they are bad Quality no idea my dad did. I thought HOSPICE Was end of life No way the hospice told me – days month years I did not know that… and free
    My parents both had sharp minds Mom was a hand full blind. But she had lift and could put in wheel chair, need help eating and bathing and potty as Diabetes was taking her life…Thank God dad did it all for her.. she was so smart the morning she got up told my dad after he feed her and put her on the couch. She said dad name , I’m going to die now! My dad said this immediately when I met him at the hospital
    OMG talk about scary. dad call 911 and they came and tried to save her and said they were losing her couple time on trip to hospital another bad time,, I was close to hospital I got there waiting on them…Know you rights!!
    it was time I did for my dad.
    This may be a terrible post but it is my experience from both ends… maybe homes else where are better I will never know… lol until my boys throw me in one… I will die first please leave me home use every penny I have then get me help elsewhere leave me home..
    Bottom line don’t think nursing home can be at there side 24/7 they can not! Go.. have someone do it for you, hire someone, to check in on them. There are other younger elderly that will help. And help out there
    My opinion- My experience and the truth! Surely I would hope to God are not all bad but I just experienced it over in skilled care in again…no way as bad but my dad was 2 aide up help
    and you got 2 lucky 3 1 on each Hall. I call all BS. I had a hospital portfolio get this must of dad on my phone I Knew all results and I ask way to much and they are, we did read the chart or see that yet. Or who told you. I had my helpers call me when doctors came in and put there phone on speaker the doctors spoke as dad would say tell my daughter I can’t hear .. maybe if he put hearing aid in he could but I got words from doctors. This was not my first and my dad was my everything.
    Understaffed EVERY WHERE !!! I’m No angel by no means. I did my best! And stayed on top of things, Especially with my dad. I was there… knew a lot when you have good helpers we didn’t miss a trick. In skilled hospital. THAT PHONE TELLS YOU ALOT register it’s free. Saved a lot of missed stuff. Sorry if this is negative buy it my experience. Seeing that poor lady I seen that before and with mom patients they put in lounge so they didn’t have to run for…and suppose to keep eye on. Who wants to sleep in a chair sore butt…. oh yes this is all depressing and I’m still grieving… sorry for typo spelling police.

    I know there are very good Nurses homes, Nurses and LPN and STNA ( aides) out there please know the aides work very hard you got to love your job and care for these patients as is they were your own Sadly Just not where I was! Sorry to the family of your dear mom. 😞 prayers

  22. That’s normal behavior for a nursing home. They aren’t staffed adequately so they place the residents next to the desk to keep an “ eye” on them. The other thing you will find is no care if the resident has a skin condition. It will be ignored.

  23. That’s normal behavior for a nursing home. They aren’t staffed adequately so they place the residents next to the desk to keep an “ eye” on them. The other thing you will find is no care if the resident has a skin condition. It will be ignored.

  24. I’ve personally witnessed nursing home staff outright ignore people and I’ve seen them truly care but in all honesty I see more that don’t care and clearly show they don’t this is just a paycheck to them. I’ve also worked in a hospital where they also just look at it as a paycheck and have literally seen nurses sit around talking about their vacation or where they want to go while a man who could barely stand stood in his doorway asking for help for over an hour before me a housekeeper actually showed him some compassion and helped him. It was something as simple as he couldn’t eat because his tray wasn’t moving for him so I adjusted it for him so he could sit and eat. It all boils down to you need to take personal responsibility for your supposed loved ones if they have a disorder that somehow is unmanageable for you then thoroughly screen whoever is going to be taking care of them, and check them daily multiple times a day. I mean I’m sure the decades they spent raising and keeping you alive wasn’t exactly easy for them either so you owe them some comfort towards the end.

  25. This is so sad. I am sure that someone thought they were making here comfortable. I am an Occupational Therapist. In my opinion, this woman needs an OT evaluation for seating and positioning. Everyone should have a seating and positioning evaluation before being placed in any w/c. After that, a functional maintenance program should be implemented to ensure that the staff is trained in each individuals seating needs. This would allow patients to be more comfortable with better body alignment, ensure safety (so things like this would not happen) and avoid many injuries (bedsores, contractures, etc) that can result from long term poor positioning. The problem is most facilities are understaffed and not properly trained in seating and positioning.

  26. I’m sorry this happened to your Mother , I pray she okay. I m praying for you all… The same thing happened when my mother was in the Nursing home. They left her sitting in a chair , she wet herself over and over and they just left her there. I hope you get some answers because you only get one Mother, God Bless you and Family.

  27. There is an association called the Ombudsman Association. They oversee nursing home facilities and make sure they are regulated properly. You might want to report this incident to them.

  28. Please get a camera. It helps you keep an eye on your loved one. It’s helped us catch some staff not doing their jobs. Of course in this particular story, the family wouldnt see her BUT maybe they would question where she was.
    I agree, a SNF and AL shouldn’t be together.
    Also, i feel it should be required for continuous training when working in a alzheimers-dementia facility. I thought this is State mandated but doubt Texas does it.

  29. I really don’t care how they sugar coat these actions. I have seen with my own eyes. I believe the elderly people are not taken care of the way they want us to think. I had to have someone come in and change wet sheets. They were annoyed that I would bother them. No, I don’t trust them, I don’t want to go in one of those places.

  30. At one time I was a housekeeper at a nursing home, and the things I saw made me sick, I had to quit. I did more work for the patients then the lazy ass nurses or CNA’s did. I’m a firm believer, either surprise visits or hidden cameras. Another thing, don’t let them keep valuables with them, I gave a woman a Christmas brooch , and 2 days later a GNA /CNA was wearing it. Even though this was years ago (and I mean years) I see the same stories in the news all the time. It’s very sad.

  31. To the “person” who walked out of the facility in the middle of the shift, I truly hope it was recently, and you are charged with criminal neglect and abandonment.
    I worked as a nurse in a variety of positions over the years and yes nursing home care needs to be monitored. But before you look at the hands on staff and scream neglect or abuse to the world, stay a night shift or 2 or more and you will see that the facility and the administration are getting rich on the backs of those Health care workers. No one does that work for the money

  32. And the state of PA wants to close institutions and we are supposed to trust that Individuals with ID that are elderly get proper care???!! I am not saying institutions are perfect but you never have to look for staff, the people that live there are always clean and bathed every night. No way! The community is not for them. My friends loved one is in a state facility we stop in all of the time with no notice and there is always someone to help us and her loved one is always clean and happy.

  33. We always made visits at different times of the day or night in Ulster County, NY. We never found anything out of the norm while my mother lived at the nursing home.

    This being said, there were instances at an assisted living facility in southern Florida. Very sad.

  34. We always made visits at different times of the day or night in Ulster County, NY. We never found anything out of the norm while my mother lived at the nursing home.

    This being said, there were instances at an assisted living facility in southern Florida. Very sad.

  35. Before jumping to conclusions, this Pastor should have found out more about the situation. Why was she in the nurses station? and you call that neglect? She was brought there to be closer to the nurses. She had a soft pillow to lay her head on. She probably dribbles a lot hence the accumulation of fluid. In this position, I don’t see how this lady is choking on saliva. Maybe you should take her in and try caring for her for at least a week. Then you will understand… Pastor judge not that you be not judged. I am speaking as a nurse.

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