California resident Costanza Zerbi said she’s furious after seeing disturbing footage of her 84-year-old mother knocking on the door of her locked care facility at 2 a.m.

Costanza told ABC 7 that her mom was sent to the College Medical Center in Long Beach earlier that day when she had a mental breakdown.

She tried to visit her mom at the hospital but was not allowed, so she returned home to her children.

The daughter had no idea her mom, Savina Zerbi, was being released later and returned to her care home, Regency Palms Senior Living facility.

Staff at the hospital told the Press-Telegram that they tried to reach Costanza but were unsuccessful.

Savina was dropped off by a taxi outside the facility, but it was locked because it was in the early morning hours.

The 84-year-old knocked on the door wearing only a robe and sandals, it was around 42 degrees. She later wandered into a dark ally in an attempt to find another entrance.

Savina spent at least 25 minutes outside before got inside. How she entered the facility remains unclear.

The woman’s daughter said that her elderly mother should never have been left outside. She told ABC 7:

“So I picture the fear of being completely lost and in danger multiplied by a million because she is lost and in danger in that street at night.”

She has since filed a complaint against College Medical Center to California’s Department of Public Health. She added:

“Make sure your loved ones are cared for and make sure you know where you’re sending them. I’m really hopeful that hospitals like that are improved.”

College Medical Center said in a statement that Savina chose to use public transport herself. They said, in part:

This particular patient denied College Medical Center’s assistance with transportation and insisted that she be taken to her place of residence via public transportation. College Medical Center timely and properly notified the patient’s family member and the receiving facility where the patient had been residing that the patient was being discharged from the hospital.

Her daughter said the 84-year-old was not in the right state of mind to make those kinds of decisions, as she had threatened to kill herself earlier that day.

Regency Palms Senior Living facility said they were unaware their resident had been discharged and was returning to the center.

Watch the video below:

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8 Replies to “Security Footage Shows Elderly Mom With Dementia Locked Outside Care Facility in Cold Weather”

  • Karen 1 year ago

    It’s California – the entire state is in shambles with homelessness, lawlessness, rampant drug abuse, millions of illegal immigrants, insurmountable debt, incredibly poor leadership. What makes anyone think the elderly population would be cared for properly?

    • Danae Martin 1 year ago

      I live in California, and there seems to be a tremendous reliance on the State to handle every aspect of your life. I know people who can’t afford their current property taxes, but they vote for every tax increase that comes along. Before the big fires, I was talking about the lack of land management. One of my family members assured me “The firefighters usually win.” We see how well that worked out.

  • Kathleen 1 year ago

    Karen, you every nail on the head!!!

  • nancy 1 year ago

    I was pumping gas late sometime last year when a taxi dropped an elderly gentleman in his hospital gown and left , he was totally disoriented and was not eve coherent , I contacted 911 and stayed with him until the police arrived . It was Kayser that did this , for your information it is a normal every day practice for them.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      I know this is happening. Look at what they did to all our long term psychiatric patients. They shut down most state mental hospitals years ago and many of those patients are living on the streets. We need to write to our legislators and try and get a bill passed to protect patients from just being dropped off somewhere. It’s so wrong.

  • MariaRose 1 year ago

    Knowing it was a California facility, explained most of the story. Even if the facility is closed for the night, someone was supposed to be working the front desk area at all times.

  • Melanie 1 year ago

    Heads would roll if this was my mother! First of all it’s the hospital’s responsibility to make sure she safely returns to her home. So what if she desired different transportation. She could have rode a horse there, but it doesn’t excuse the hospital to make sure of her safety getting there and being in contact with someone telling them she is arriving. Another thing who was at the home? Someone should have been there at front desk to let this elderly lady in. I would definitely be firing someone. This woman could have been attacked, raped, even killed or die of hypothermia. There is something so wrong with our medical facilities!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    She should sue both organizations. This is disgraceful.

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Security Footage Shows Elderly Mom With Dementia Locked Outside Care Facility in Cold Weather

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