Rumors that HGTV stars Christina and Tarek El Moussa were heading towards divorce first surfaced back in May 2016.

The former couple eventually finalized their split in January 2018, but they are continuing the difficult tasks of co-parenting their two children, Taylor and Brayden, and working together. 

While several “Flip or Flop” episodes have aired since their breakup, the latest episode is the first to air since their divorce was finalized — and neither Christina nor Tarek are holding anything back.

The most notable change in the show is the opening:

“Flipping houses put us in the spotlight…but when our marriage fell apart, it was more public than we could have ever imagined. We are picking up the pieces and we’ll still work together to support our kids. If flipping houses was tough before, now the pressure is really on to turn these disaster houses into these amazing makeovers.”

The show then hit the ground running with an awkward exchange between the divorced couple.

As both Christina and Tarek drove in their respective cars, Tarek asked her if she was free the following day to look at a house. She responded by saying she was free right then if he wanted to swing by.

Then came the cringe-worthy moment — he had to admit that he wasn’t free because he was about to go on a date.

Christina then asked:

“What does she look like?”

Tarek replied:

“About 5′ 5-and-a-half, blonde.”

Christina quipped:

“I thought you didn’t like blondes anymore.”

She then told the cameras that dating after a divorce would be awkward for any couple, but since they have to see each other “every day” it is “beyond awkward.”

Christina said it’s because of their working relationship that she is going to attempt to keep things “friendly” and “light” when it comes to that subject.

And she did just that when they met at the potential flip house, the day following Tarek’s date.

Not only did Christina ask her ex-husband how the date went, but also how much it “set him back.” She then admitted she was just messing around.

Throughout the episode, Tarek and Christina continued to take light-hearted jabs at each other.

 While this specific episode didn’t show any serious confrontations, Tarek told E! News that they didn’t stay friendly throughout the season:

“We do our best to be as professional as possible but every now and then we have to jab at each other—sometimes more serious than others. It’s kind of how it goes nowadays.

I just watched the first episode last week and it is absolutely different than anything you’ve ever seen from us. We got into a few arguments that I didn’t think were going to make camera and they did.”

Christina went on to say that it’s not jealousy that drives her to constantly tease Tarek — she said it’s just too fun to pass up.

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