Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t shy when it comes to showing his love for his three children on social media.

The 46-year-old often posts videos and photos of his adorable 3-year-old daughter, Jasmine Lia, on Instagram.

In October, fans applauded the dad for showing “true fatherhood” when he let the little girl paint his nails hot pink even though he needed to go to work, Dearly reported.

Now, he’s shared another sweet moment with his middle child.

The former professional wrestler filmed a quick video with Jasmine Lia before he needed to head off for a magazine shoot, Johnson wrote:

When this lil’ estrogenic mini-me waits for me at the door and says “Daddy, have a great work today”.. I scoop her up and start to [fish] for [compliments]. Truth is, she’s exactly what I needed to see before hoppin’ in my pick up to go and shoot the biggest and most meaningful magazine cover of my career.

In the sweet video, Johnson showers his “mini-me” with kisses and asks her:

“Can you say ‘I love you’? Can you say ‘mini-me’? Yep, that’s what you are.”

The proud dad burst out with a smile when the toddler agreed he’s the “best daddy in the world.” Johnson said he’s always “fishing for compliments” from his daughter.

Though the actor mentioned he was going to shoot the “most meaningful magazine cover” of his career, he said he couldn’t give any details. Johnson wrote:

Gotta keep it under wraps for now, but I’m so grateful and humbled by this career milestone – and look forward to sharing it with you when it comes out.
I’m 97% sure I bribed Jazzy with broccoli to say nice things about me when the camera is rolling.
Don’t judge. It’s how I roll.

It seems fans will just have to keep an eye on magazine stands for now.

Johnson is also father to daughters Simone, 17, and Tiana, 9 months.

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4 Replies to “‘She’s Exactly What I Needed’: The Rock Says 3-Year-Old Daughter Is His ‘Mini-Me’ in Sweet Video”

  • Bad Penguin 2 years ago

    Glad to see he loves being a dad as much as I do.

  • Meg 2 years ago

    That child is too beautiful for words! Parenting is the best job will ever have.

  • sm 2 years ago

    Rally like this guy who seems, despite his obvious fame and fortune (hard-won, for sure) he is also very, very down-to-earth. Now am wondering if the “magazine cover” relates to article I saw recently in Rolling Stone…!?

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