Korie Robertson, one of the many stars of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” and mother to six, has revealed that she’s not able to have it all together all of the time.

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Roberton authored a post on daughter Sadie’s blog, “Live Original” at the end of August telling fans that she recently lashed out at her several children for being overly negative:

“I told our kids their negativity was sucking the life out of me. On a Sunday…on the way home from church. It wasn’t my proudest moment.”

For Robertson, constant negativity from her clan has made a serious dent on her emotional health. She singled out their most recently adopted child, 13-year-old Rowdy, as the cause of this new stress, likening his downer speech to getting “the life sucked” out of her. She explained:

One of our children, who will remain nameless, (although I’ll give you a clue, he’s the newest family member) came into our lives with the propensity for negativity. His first thought is pretty much always NO. He doesn’t like it, he won’t like it, he tried it once and didn’t like it…you get the idea. Usually, he ends up liking it, but it’s after we go through a lot of negative talk, and it feels like it’s sucking the life out of me before we even get there.”

The mother added that constant “unappreciative” diatribes built up, causing her to snap. “Not to be dramatic, but their negativity was eating away at my soul,” she added.

Though her anger may have been warranted, Robertson argued, she regrets speaking with such charged vocabulary. Instead, she hopes to push her children towards a more optimistic outlook with positivity of her own.

“I like to encourage and build them up — tell them how much I love them and like them, point out their gifts and talents.”

However, she believes being honest and candid with her children on the repercussions of their actions is best in the long run:

“Maybe we all need to hear sometimes that the way we act isn’t just hurting us, it’s affecting our relationships with the ones we love.”

She leaves her fans with a call to action, to pivot to positivity not only for yourselves but for the many people who touch your life.

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