Doctors are expecting a little Atlanta girl to make a full recovery from a pool accident thanks to the courageous actions of her sister.

As WSB-TV reports, on May 15, 3-year-old Kali Dallis jumped into the pool at her Chamblee apartment complex wearing her green floatie before flipping upside down in the water.


As she struggled to stay afloat, she slipped out of her floatie completely before sinking to the bottom of the pool.

Luckily, her 10-year-old sister, Jayla Dallis, who was standing on the other side of the pool, eventually noticed her sister under the water. Surveillance footage shows Jayla jump into the pool without hesitation to rescue her little sister.

Jayla recalled:

“I jumped in the pool, and I had to grab her by her hair, because that’s the only thing I could reach because she was almost touching the ground. She was heavy, so I had to pull her by the hair and then I grabbed her waist and pulled her up.”

After Jayla pulled Kali out of the water, she attempted to perform CPR before the sisters’ aunt and the apartment operations manager took over. Meanwhile, a witness dialed 911.

Sgt. Ed Lyons with the Chamblee Police Department was nearby sitting in his patrol car checking reports. His body camera captured the moment he arrived at the scene, ABC 2 reports.

He said:

“I saw my little girl laying there, same kind of little bathing suit she wears. Same little hair pulled up in a little bun up top. You know you kind of have to push past that and do what you’re trained to do.”

The officer performed CPR on Kali until there was a sign of life.


In the body camera footage, Lyons said:

“There you go honey. There you go! Keep blowing it out! We’ve got a definite pulse.”

Responders rushed Kali to Scottish Rite Hospital alive, but in critical condition. Daneshia Dallis, the sisters’ mom, rushed to the hospital after learning what happened. Although doctors weren’t initially sure Kali would survive, the toddler was back to being herself just two weeks later.

In fact, she was doing so well, she was released from the hospital on the morning of May 31.

According to ABC 2, Daneisha said:

“It’s amazing. It’s a miracle. Don’t take your eyes off of them. All the floats are not safe. Be careful. Watch your kids.”

Safe Kids Worldwide reminds parents that swimming aids, such as floaties, should never be used in place of a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device (PFD). Further, kids should be within arms reach of a nondistracted adult at all times while in the pool.

In support of this, Daneisha said:

“Just make sure you watch your kids. Be in the pool with them. If this story saves one other child, we did it.”

Further, the mom is happy her oldest daughter had the courage to act so quickly.

She said:

“As a 10-year-old, to think about all of that in a traumatic situation, I’m so proud of her, I don’t even know what to do.”

The mom said she now plans to enroll Kali in swim lessons as soon as possible.

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