Jimmy Gagnon and his co-worker were driving northbound on I-95 when he saw a wrecked car covered in branches.

WLBZ reports that when Gagnon stopped and got out of the vehicle, he heard a child’s voice screaming for help.


When he approached the car, he found Liza Parker and her two children. Parker had died during the accident.

Parker had been reported missing from her home in Bangor, Maine, when she didn’t attend an appointment the previous day.

Her kids had been trapped inside the vehicle overnight. The Bangor Daily News reports that it is unclear at this time what caused the accident.

Gagnon got the children out of the car and stayed with them until first responders arrived.

He told WLBZ that he’ll always remember hearing the little boy cry out and the sight of the children in the car:

“It’s not something you forget. Once you see something like that, you know, if someone brings it up, I can hear it, I think about it.”

According to the Associated Press, the 5-year-old and 18-month-old children only suffered minor injuries in the accident.

Gagnon was given a $5,000 award from the children’s daycare for stopping when he saw the vehicle and saving the two young children.

Watch the full report, via WLBZ.

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