A Georgia mother is calling for the hit-and-run driver who crashed into her 9-year-old daughter on Friday to “do the right thing.”

As ABC News reports, LaDerihanna Holmes and a friend were playing in the front yard of her home on the day of the horrific incident. A nearby home surveillance camera captured the scene.

As the two children were playing, a car is seen wildly running a stop sign and jumping the curb before plowing into LaDerihanna and her family’s home at full speed.

Someone is then seen exiting the vehicle through the passenger side door and running off. Simultaneously, family members run out of the house and try to help the victim.

Chris Stewart, the family’s attorney, told ABC News that two teens ran from the scene of the crash.

Stewart said:

“Those were teenagers that were in that vehicle, so we have to learn what happened and how they got a hold of that car.”

As Daily Mail reports, LaDerihanna was transported to the hospital in critical condition. According to a GoFundMe account organized by Stewart Trial Attorneys, she suffered “a skull fracture with laceration, a broken pelvic bone in three places, a front fracture is shattered and a deep back laceration is fractured, as well as a leak in her right heart valve.”

However, her family expects her to recover, ABC News reports.

Charlette Bolton, Laderihanna’s mother, said:

“It’s hard, but I have to be strong for her. I just want everybody to pray for Laderihanna. The community loves her, her school loves her, her friends love her and I just want the people involved to be caught.”

Stewart says the child’s survival is evidence of a higher power. Further, he noted his surprise that her condition wasn’t more severe.
He said:

“If you didn’t believe in miracles, you should now. The video is really hard to watch but she survived somehow. You gotta believe in God after seeing this. I was shocked. I deal with wrongful death all the time, and I cannot believe she survived it. When I want to see her in the room, she does not have a mark on her face.”

Daily Mail reports that the owner of the vehicle told authorities that she lent her car to her boyfriend while she was at work. According to Stewart, the boyfriend is said to be in his 30s, so they are unsure as to how the teenagers got the car.

The victim’s mother is calling for the culprits to come forward.

Bolton said:

“You know what you did. You didn’t try to help my baby. You almost killed my baby and I hope you do the right thing and turn yourself in.”

The child that LaDerihanna was playing with at the time of the crash was not majorly harmed.

Watch an interview with the victim’s mother below:

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Camera Captures Out of Control Driver Hitting 9-Year-Old Before Crashing Into Home. Miraculously She Survived

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