Note: This article contains graphic content.

A day of floating around on the ocean while relaxing with friends turned into a terrifying moment for Ervin Maccarty when he watched his life flash before his eyes.

The group was diving for grouper and lobsters off the coast of Marathon, Florida. Suddenly, a friend needed help underwater capturing a grouper he caught with a spear gun. And that’s when the terror began, according to Fox News.

Maccarty went under to get the fish, but he wasn’t alone when he came back up. A nurse shark was latched onto his stomach, and refusing to let go. He explained:

”I jumped in and went straight to the hole in about ten feet water. As soon as I get down there, the shark came out of another hole and bit me.”

No matter how hard he tried to get it off, the shark stayed clamped down onto his body while he was under the water fighting to get it off, the Daily Mail reports:

“I struggled to get back to the boat. It [the shark] hit me hard. It knocked the breath out of me so I had to get up for air but I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open. I thought I would drown.”

His friends were floored when they saw the shark hanging from his body as Maccarty dropped on his back in pain once he climbed on the boat.

The group got to work, trying to free him from the shark’s teeth, by grabbing a knife to cut it off of him. While a woman yelled for others to stab the shark, Maccarty screamed, “Don’t cut me! Don’t bleed him out on me.”

A truly concerned friend made sure Maccarty’s other body parts weren’t injured, asking “He didn’t get your penis, did he?”

Eventually, the friends did get the shark to loosen its grip, but it immediately plunged its teeth into another spot on Maccarty’s stomach as a friend continued to work at cutting the shark off.

The shark eventually let go, sliding off of Maccarty’s bloodied body to the bottom of the boat.

Watch the determined shark hang on for dear life below.

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