A Good Samaritan from San Antonio, Texas was getting ready for work on Friday when she spotted a woman attempting to remove four dogs from her car.

She told Viral Hog that pet abandonment had become a large problem in the area and as a someone who fosters dogs herself, the woman knew she should say something:

“I put my shoes on quickly and ran out to the road and started recording the act. I am tired of people doing this continuously in the area. I recorded to educated [sic] and advise them to do the right thing.”

In the video of the incident, the dog owner asks for directions to Animal Care Services (ACS) and is informed that she can face a $500 fine per dog for abandoning her pets.

Nonetheless, she pushes the dogs out of the car and drives away as the stunned Good Samaritan looks on.

The woman filming quickly alerted City of San Antonio Animal Care Services who managed to find three of the four abandoned dogs and set a trap to catch the fourth, which they could not locate, KSAT reports.

But soon, the fourth dog was brought to ACS — by the woman who initially dumped the dogs.

She’d returned to the spot to collect the dogs and then turned herself in to authorities for abandoning the animals.

Despite being abandoned by their owner, ACS said on its Facebook page that the dogs “appear to be friendly.”

Two of them have already been adopted and the other two will be put up for foster care, KSAT reports.

Abandoning an animal in Texas is a class A misdemeanor and ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood said the woman may face steep fines for each dog that she left on the street.

The suspect has not been named by authorities.

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