Two Oklahoma moms are behind bars after police discovered they were responsible for subjecting their young son to horrific abuse.

It started in December 2015, when Muskogee residents Rachel Stevens and wife Kayla Jones opened a GoFundMe page pleading for donations to help cover their 5-year-old son’s growing medical bills, according to News on 6.

KFOR reported that the boy, who is Stevens’s biological son, had been admitted to the hospital with a number of injuries, including broken bones at various stages of healing as well as facial lesions.

The women wrote on the GoFundMe page that his injuries were a result of him “picking his own face” and that he was “having seizures because he fell down,” reported News on 6.

They even claimed that they had to sleep in their cars because they couldn’t afford his treatment.

The child’s injuries were so severe that he had two strokes within a month of being admitted to the hospital. But it wasn’t long before police uncovered the disturbing truth of what happened to him.

The 5-year-old said that his severe injuries were actually caused by Stevens and Jones — and the details were horrifying.

Muskogee County Police

The child told investigators that he had been “locked in a room, bound with duct tape over his eyes, beaten with belts and a hammer, and had been kicked in the genitals until he bled,” according to KFOR.

Stevens and Jones were arrested for the abuse in January 2016 and charged with felony child abuse by injury and child neglect.

This week, the women got handed down their sentences.

According to KFOR, the mother and stepmom will each spend 20 years behind bars for severely beating the little 5-year-old boy. They pleaded no contest to the charges as part of a deal.

The little boy and Stevens’s other two children have been taken into protective custody. Watch News on 6’s coverage below:

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