An Alabama family was returning from a day of Christmas shopping when tragedy struck.

Lacey Jane Ayers was in a car with her mother, father, and two-month-old brother on Saturday when their car crashed, according to the Daily Mail. Her three family members escaped being seriously injured in the wreck, but the three-year-old girl continued to cling to life.

The toddler cracked her skull and fractured her neck when she was crushed in the accident. She was put on life support, and her family was told she wasn’t expected to survive.

The family gathered together while doctors waited for her mother, Shayla, who was being treated at a different hospital, to say goodbye one last time to her daughter.

They were all shocked when they found out they wouldn’t have to say those heartbreaking words— when Lacey Jane began to breathe on her own.

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Somehow, the three-year-old was able to survive, shocking her family and the doctors who thought her life was over.

Her uncle, Daniel Horton, told the Daily Mail they continue to be hopeful about her miraculous recovery because she is able to move around when she’s not sedated and she’s aware of her surroundings. He said:

“I visited her Monday and she squeezed my hand. It was hard to look at her in that condition.”

They are waiting for the swelling in her brain to go down before they can find out if she will suffer permanent damage, but her doctors are impressed with the remarkable progress she’s already made.

According to the Daily Mail:

Daniel said they plan to start a GoFundMe to raise money for family expenses beyond what insurance can cover.

Now, Horton is looking forward to having a celebration party when his niece he described as “a real goofy, hipster kid” comes home from the hospital.

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