Bubbly California middle schooler Alyssa Alcaraz felt sick after she got home from school last week. And she wasn’t acting like herself.

Instead, the student — who was known for her love of singing — was struggling to keep food down, ABC7 reports

The 12-year-old’s sister, Mariah Alcaraz, explained:

“I remember she came home from school and she was throwing up and I thought oh she’s probably got food poisoning she’s going to be ok.”

Alyssa appeared to have the flu, and that’s exactly what doctors at an urgent care diagnosed her with, according to her family.

But after spending a few days home from school, the girl was struggling to get better.

Alyssa’s mother rushed her to urgent care again, where a doctor found her oxygen levels were low. An ambulance took Alyssa to the Kaweah Delta Medical Center; she coded six times within hours of her arrival.

One by one, her organs began shutting down as she fought to stay alive.

Then, after going into cardiac arrest and septic shock, the girl passed away later that day. An undetected strep blood infection was the cause of her illness all along.

Her devastated family is left with a cell phone video with Alyssa’s voice on it — when she sang in her final concert.

A GoFundMe page has been established to help Alyssa’s mother, Keila Lino. As a friend wrote on the page, “Keila is a single mother to 3 other young children.” Support will also go towards the family paying for their daughter’s funeral.

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