Get ready to watch a rare birth take place before your own eyes.

According to Cafemom, Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, an obstetrician in Venezuela, shared the video on Instagram. It captures a baby entering the world by unraveling herself after birth.

There are several components that make this birth so interesting.

The newborn baby was born via a “gentle” cesarean section, which involves delivering the head first, followed by the rest of the body. This allows the baby’s chest to be squeezed during the birth, mimicking a vaginal birth.

The baby was born en caul, meaning she still had a portion of the amniotic sac or membrane on her head at birth. And the amniotic sac was still intact.

An estimated one in 80,000 births are en caul, and the rarity of this birth was even greater because the amniotic sac was not ruptured during the C-section.

In the video, the newborn is seen slowly unwrapping herself.

The tiny baby girl finally realized she had left her mommy’s belly after the sac was punctured as she made her way out of it.

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