A California doctor specializing in alternative medicine lost his license after he recommended marijuana for a 4-year-old.

Dr. William Eidelman, a natural medicine physician, prescribed pot cookies for a young boy’s temper tantrums. Eidelman said that, according to the child’s father, he was about to get kicked out of school for misbehaving and that pot-laced cookies would calm him down, reports CBS Los Angeles.

Eidelman told the station:

“The school has basically kicked him out and he could come back when he was on medicine.”

Concerned about the side effects, his dad didn’t want his son on pharmaceuticals. Following the doctor’s advice, he gave the child cookies for the school day.

The dad testified in court that a teacher supposedly said:

“Finally, a doctor got it right the first time.”

The prescription seemed to work, but it wore off in the afternoon, so he asked the school’s nurse to give his son cookies at lunch. She, however, reported the unusual treatment to child protective services and law enforcement.

Yet it wasn’t Eidelman’s decision to treat the boy with cannabis that cost him his license, Rather, it was that he made a diagnosis without consulting a psychiatrist, according to the medical board report.

The board determined that the doctor’s recommendation was not supported by sufficient evidenceBased on the dad’s office visit in September 2012, the board stated:

It appears [that] reasonable minds can … differ over whether or not cannabis should be given in low amounts to children who suffered from ADHD or bipolar disorder.

However, before such a step was taken, a proper diagnosis should have been made.

The board’s decision said:

Tantrums alone … do not support either diagnosis. ‘Being agitated’ and ‘having trouble sitting still’ hint at ADHD, but could simply hint at a preschooler not happy to have driven many miles to a doctor’s appointment.

Due to being “grossly negligent,” the California Medical Board decided to revoke Eidelman’s license starting January 4.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Eidelman’s attorney appealed the board’s decision, and a judge ruled to delay the suspension.

The physician said he’s still able to continue his practice, although the medical board currently lists his license as revoked pending a hearing in March.

However, the board concluded that Eidelman did not meet the basic “diagnostic criteria for either ADHD or Bipolar Disorder” before prescribing the child cannabis.

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11 Replies to “Doctor Comes Under Fire for Prescribing Pot Cookies for Young Boy’s Temper Tantrums. His Dad Says It Helped”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I believe the dr did what was best for the child! It worked! From what I have read whatever causes addiction has been taken out of the drug & it is working for many different health issues. I hope this dr does not lose his license! Now he knows he needs to consult a psychiatrist & I am sure he will!

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      there are no causes of addiction in cannabis.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        You are misinformed, aren’t you??? Like all drugs, it IS addictive. And giving it to a child is abuse. That worthless father should be in prison.

  • Agrafixman 2 years ago

    The doctor did not do the right thing. Even as a proponent of medical cannabis, I can say, even without a doctorate, that “temper tantrums” is a symptom and not a cause. The doctor needed to fully diagnose the underlying condition before recommending cannabis — particularly in the form suggested. Even HAD a proper diagnosis been made AND cannabis been given as the proper form of treatment, it should have been delivered in some form that had a measured amount of THC and CBD so that a successful result could be repeatable.

    This was not a medical treatment. This was homeopathy and it was disciplined in an appropriate manner.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    too bad he didn’t go the proper route. If the child was diagnosed by a psychiatrist first, then I believe the meds could’ve helped the child. I hate the pharmaceuticals being shoved down our throats. Most edibles and tinctures and drops and liquid forms and such are lab tested nowadays and have the quantities of thc/cbd on the labels. My 11 yr old has severe autism with impulse control, irritably and frustration from not being able to communicate like everybody else. He sometimes will randomly hit you, likes to break all kinds of things, especially glass. After trying all kinds of meds that either didn’t help or had horrible side effects, the psychiatrist mentioned medical mj. The dr had probably never tried it himself to tell you the truth, but he wants to help the children and wants what’s best for them. So I took the psychiatrist recommendation to the dr that prescribes medical mj and that dr gave us the actual recommendation. It’s currently not legit to have the nurse give him the medical mj at school, yet, but they are gonna pass the law soon. I can personally go to the school and give it to him myself tho and they agree with it. It’s been a lifesaver. Everybody is so happy he is on it.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Sure, drug a child so the weakling father doesn’f have to be a parent and can keep on being his child’s “best friend”.

  • David 2 years ago

    In my days a couple of good paddlings usually cured temper tantrums very fast and they lasted for weeks at a time!

    • Colin 2 years ago

      And then leaves the child either resentful or terrified, neither of which supports future development. Spanking is decent punishment for disobedience, but it isn’t medicine for a genuine mental disorder.

      • Anonymous 2 years ago

        Not all tantrums are caused by a mental disorder. It’s called parenting.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    untell you are with a kid that is ADHD you have no idea how thos kids are and thay cant help it . I do know this for a fact thay do stuff and know whats going to happen but cant stop there self I do know this thay there self has told me thay cant help it . that is what I thought befor we had to deal with it . we have dealed with it from 2 kids and there no where the same but both has ADHD

  • R. Smith 10 months ago

    OMG are you the same ‘anonymous’ who has been saying marijuana IS addictive and said the kids father should be in jail?? You are barely literate! OH, have you “DEALED” with it? And both has ADHD, huh? And somehow you know that a couple marijuana cookies means the kids dad should be in jail for abuse? But the medicine they give children for ADHD is proven to cause neurological problems, lower IQ, cause short term memory loss (permanent) and long term memory problems.
    I have ADHD and marijuana IS and can be an effective treatment for ADHD without causing hypertension and brain damage. It Is NOT addictive.
    I’m sorry but I have to judge by the way you have written the last paragraph, and you are just terrible. This sentence alone is proof that you aren’t intelligent enough to have an opinion: “I do know this thay there self has told me thay cant help it” – thay there self ?????? Do you mean: THEY, THEMSELVES HAVE told me THEY can’t help it.

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