A doctor pleaded guilty to dying part of his patient’s body purple. Apparently, he only meant it as a “joke.”

On Friday, a victim accused Colorado gynecologist Dr. Barry W. King of dying her vagina violet. The woman told Mesa County Judge Michael Grattan she felt violated. She described King as being:

 “Like a frat boy playing a prank and hazing me.”

The woman said:

“It’s really difficult as a woman to see an OB/GYN doctor. You’re in a really vulnerable position.

There was a level of comfort because I did believe he was my friend.”

The breast cancer survivor who had undergone a double mastectomy years earlier noticed a legion on her vagina. Concerned that her cancer was coming back, the woman asked her former employee for medical advice.

According to the Daily Sentinel, the woman was examined by King and at the end of the examination, he reportedly told the woman:

“‘When you get home tonight, I want you to have [your husband] take a look at it.'”

The woman found King’s comments strange but ended the night at home completely unaware that her genitalia was purple.

It wasn’t until the victim used the restroom and noticed gentian violet (GV) stained on toilet paper that she began to suspect something was off.

According to the NCBI medical library, GV is used to treat skin fungal infections such as yeast infections. The next day at work the woman said:

“He was really giddy. I immediately noticed his demeanor was odd.”

Later, however, King finally spilled the beans. The woman told the judge:

“He said, ‘… It was a joke.’

It was a joke for [my husband].”

She added:

“I was sexually objectified as a prank on my husband in hopes that his penis would be stained purple.

That’s disgusting.”

The gynecologist was charged with a harassment misdemeanor. King took a plea deal requiring him to complete 100 hours of community service. In addition, he was ordered to donate $500 to charity, and write the victim an apology letter.

Commenters on Twitter reacted to the news.

King’s lawyer said:

“I know that if Dr. King could go back to January 2017 he wouldn’t have acted in the way he did.”

The gynecologist was allowed to keep his medical license, although the Colorado Medical Board criticized King’s “unprofessional conduct” in a written letter.

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