Mom Was Advised by Doc to Abort 1 of Her 3 Babies. She Didn’t Think Twice Before Saying: ‘No Way’

A Virginia mom struggled for so long to get pregnant and have a baby.

There were lots and lots of tears before Ryan and Christy Beck first held their three little “blessings” on April 6.

But before Christy gave birth to her “miracle” family, doctors advised the 42-year-old mother to abort one of her triplets.

Ryan and Christy emphatically responded, “No way!”

Christy told Dearly:

“We literally looked at each other and didn’t even have to think about it and said, “No way.” I mean we felt that we were given these three babies for a reason.

We were meant to be parents.”

The Becks spent years trying start their family.

After many failed fertility treatments and thousands of dollars spent out-of-pocket, the couple finally decided to try IVF and took a huge risk by taking out a $30,000 loan for the treatment.

They also increased their chances of having a child of their own by implanting two embryos.

When Christy found out she was pregnant she was shocked and happy. She explained to Dearly:

“You know, we just wanted one baby.”

But then she found out she was carrying two babies from a six week ultrasound.

Six weeks later, at 12 weeks, the ultrasound discovered a third “hidden” baby:

“We were extremely excited.

That day we had planned on doing our baby announcement to our friends and family because we didn’t want to jinx ourselves by announcing it earlier.

You know you’re supposed to wait 12 weeks.”

The Becks planned to announce they were having twins, but found out they were actually having triplets.

Christy recalled:

“I never in a million years would have imagined that this would be the outcome. I mean never in a million years

I mean I thought my husband was playing a joke on me.”

She added:

“I mean I think I jumped off the table. That is … you know right after … she told me that there was a third baby in there.”

But immediately following the news of triplets, the Becks were presented with the option to abort one of the babies 30 minutes after being told they were having three “little miracles.”

Doctors advised Christy to terminate one of the female babies, saying there was a risk for twin-twin transfusion syndrome.

The identical twins, who shared a placenta, had a low chance of survival if one baby didn’t get enough blood volume because one baby could harm the other.

The Becks described the moment they received the heartbreaking news. They said:

“We were not about to give up hope — we had come so far in our journey and took a lot of hits along the way.

And you know, what was one more.”

On April 6, 2018 the couple welcomed two identical twin girls and a boy after a high risk pregnancy.

Since the arrival of their “instant family,” the Becks are adjusting to their new hectic parenting routine.

Learn more about the Becks’ IVF journey on their GoFundMe page.

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