Back in 2015, sealed documents that revealed Josh Duggar molested a number of his sisters and a family friend were released to the public. Months later, Duggar’s name was dragged through the mud again after it was revealed that the married then-father of four had used his email address to create an Ashley Madison account.

Ashley Madison is a dating service and social networking service for people who are married or in relationships. Its slogan read: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

Following the realization that Duggar potentially cheated on his wife, Anna, those who allegedly did engage in lewd acts with the former reality television star started to come forward.

He released this statement, apologizing for his hypocritical behavior:

I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife.

I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him.

It was eventually revealed that Duggar’s email was also linked to other dating websites, such as OKCupid, with accounts that used the name “Joe Smithson” and a fake photo.

According to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, Duggar is being sued by the man who owned the “fake photo.” Now Duggar is trying to have the lawsuit thrown out.

After the now-dad-of-five was issued a summons to appear in a Los Angeles court this past May, Duggar filed a motion fighting it by “arguing that he could not be sued in the state of California”:

If a visit to California creates jurisdiction, then California courts have jurisdiction over virtually everyone in the United States.

[Duggar’s] two visits here in 2013 and 2015 have nothing to do with [McCarthy’s] claim that [Duggar] used his picture on the internet. Neither involved contacts related to this lawsuit.

This is the photo in question:

Duggar allegedly stumbled upon the photo after searching the term “random guy” in Google.

Matthew James McCarthy, the man who is suing Duggar, is a California-based DJ. He claimed that as a result of Duggar using his photos on various social media and dating websites, he has “lost gigs and has received nasty messages referring to him as ‘Duggar’s boy toy’ and ‘DJ Duggar.'”

McCarthy is seeking damages.

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