Rich Aloha is widely known for the diving videos he shares on YouTube.

And while diving for treasure in a Tennessee lake earlier in August, Aloha found what could be his most “impactful” piece of treasure yet. As Inside Edition reports, while searching the bottom of the lake, Aloha discovered two GoPros.

He knew exactly who at least one of the GoPros belonged to. He explained to Inside Edition:

“I had been given a tip by a State Park ranger that if I found a GoPro of an African American male from 2017 that there was a chance that it would be the guy who drowned.”

And that’s exactly what he discovered.

In the first few seconds of the video above, you can hear Aloha scream through his scuba gear. He had just realized that he discovered what could be video showing the last few moments of a man’s life.

According to Inside Edition, while the GoPro was pretty significantly damaged, the SD card was still inside of the camera and it was salvageable.

What Aloha found on the SD card were videos of 22-year-old Richard Ragland hanging out with his friends near a waterfall, having the time of his life in 2017:

“I reviewed the footage and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, this is him.'”

That’s when Aloha tracked down Ragland’s parents and told them what he had found. Aloha said he eventually met up with them so that he could give them the video that showed their son’s last few minutes on this earth.

Aloha told Inside Edition:

“They were just stunned, they were just staring at the GoPro in disbelief. Words can’t describe how it feels. … I don’t think there’s been a more impactful find.”

Aloha wrote on YouTube that he believes it was God who led him to this discovery and to Ragland’s parents. He said, “The incredible waterfall scuba diving adventure that God led me to, to bring closure of grieving family and friend’s of a man who drowned at a waterfall.”

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