An Indiana boy called 911 after having a tough day at school but fortunately, Lafayette dispatcher, Antonia Bundy, was able to offer a helping hand.

The Lafayette Police Department took to social media to share a bizarre call they received from an elementary school student. As reported by Yahoo, the department wrote in a Twitter post:

When a young child calls to ask for homework help, Antonia didn’t miss a beat.

The boy, whose identity remains unknown, had a math “emergency” and needed help right away.

In the recorded audio, he said he “had a really bad day” at school and his math problem was too hard to solve on his own. The exchange went as follows:

Student: “I had a really bad day and…I don’t know.”
Dispatcher: “You had a bad day at school?”
Student: “Yeah, I just came to tell you that.”
Dispatcher: “What happened at school that made you have a bad day?”
Student: “I just have tons of homework.”

Instead of turning the boy away to clear the line to answer a real emergency, Bundy stayed on the phone to help the student.


The boy was having trouble with fractions.

The dispatcher was hailed as a homework hero by the department and people on social media.

Police are trying to connect with the student through his school’s principal. However, he’s not in trouble, reports ABC 7 News.

According to the department, 911 should only be used for true emergency calls but this dispatcher was praised for helping a young boy out and brightening his day.

Watch the video below:

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3 Replies to “After a Tough Day at School Boy Calls 911 With a Homework Emergency — and a Dispatcher Was There to Help”

  • Chuck 2 years ago

    She was great, the boy’s day got a lot better when Mindy answered his call.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Her name was Antonia

  • Sharon 2 years ago

    GOD bless you. The time you spent with that little boy was minimal but he’ll remember it for a life time. We need more ppl like you in this world.

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