Ohio mom Jennifer Britton’s 6-year-old son, Noah, weighs just 30 pounds and suffers from a rare lung disorder. He also falls on the autism spectrum.

It makes him an easy target for bullies at school, she told WSYX.

She never expected that she’d have to pull him out of Nelsnoville-York Elementary School because of the issue, but made the difficult decision after what he endured this past week.

According to the mom, her son sustained a severe concussion and was taken to the ER twice thanks to the bullies.

But this isn’t the first time. In the past year, they’ve broken his arm and caused multiple concussions.

Noah’s teen sister, Chloe, posted photos of some of his injuries to Facebook, which the mom later shared.

Some of the images showed the boy with a bloody nose and a broken arm.

The sister said that she wished teachers would have paid more attention to her vulnerable brother:

“Wouldn’t you have thought the teachers would be watching him more and actually giving him more supervision than what they do give him, for him being his age and his disability?”

Chloe said that from what she’s seen, their anti-bullying policies aren’t well enforced.

Mom Jennifer is furious with the boy’s school for not doing more to protect him. She said:

“The worst part is my child is getting hurt at a place that he should be safe at.”

The mother has decided to homeschool her son for now because she doesn’t feel it’s safe for him to go back.

Jennifer said that she made multiple calls to school officials about the bullying, but never got anywhere.

Though her son is now out of harm’s way, she’s speaking out to help other children, she said:

“There’s other Noah’s in that school and they need a voice. They need to be safe their too.”

The school responded by adding an additional aid to watch the children when they’re outside, but insist Noah wasn’t bullied.

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