Diabetes can cause several side effects, and for high school student Braeden Moses, one of those side effects almost got him in trouble with his teacher.

Braeden told WJLA that the school has known about his type one diabetes diagnosis since he was freshmen at the school:

“I’ve been dealing with diabetes for seven years now.”

The high school senior said the issue came about because he needed to repeatedly use the bathroom.

According to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, as a result of the excess levels of sugar in the blood, a diabetic person’s need to use the bathroom increases. 

After using the restroom several times, Braeden’s teacher felt he needed to “make better use of his time,” so she instructed him to write a 350-word essay on the topic.

Braeden took to his Facebook page to express his disappointment in not only the school, but the teacher as well.

Braeden feels there is no excuse for the teacher’s actions because the school knew of his sickness, but school administration told WJLA that this is a misunderstanding.

According to the administration, the teacher was not aware that Braeden’s excessive bathroom use was a side effect of his sickness.

After the discovery, the school system has now said Braeden doesn’t have to write the essay.

After his post to Facebook, Braeden told WJLA that he has received several messages from other students that have experienced similar situations.

“I’ve had people from different counties message me saying they’ve had problems with their teacher before.”

Braeden said in a Facebook post that it was was not his intent to “bring hate” to either the school or the teacher, but to enlighten people of the needs of diabetics in similar situations:

I spoke out not to bring hate upon the teacher nor the school, but instead to bring awareness to the fact that diabetics and other people with medical disabilities have to have privileges to do certain stuff. Not because we want to but more of we have to. thank you for everyone who has supported me in the misunderstanding I have had the past two days.

As a result of the incident, all of the Polk County High teachers will be required to collaborate with the school nurse to review proper actions to take when student have certain medical disabilities.



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