Something about Paul Swenson’s demeanor on the day he disappeared had his wife alarmed.

As Fox 13 News reports, the new father and husband left his home in American Fork, Utah, on Thursday for an appointment in Salt Lake, but never returned. That night, his wife called the police to report him missing.

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Sgt. John Christensen of the American Fork police told NBC News that Ashlee Swenson was worried about her husband’s strange behavior earlier that day:

“She was telling us some of the things he was saying and doing just weren’t normal and didn’t make sense. It obviously made her concerned that something was wrong.”

Christensen told Fox 13 that Ashlee noticed Paul wasn’t himself, which might help explain his mysterious disappearance:

“When he left that day, his behavior with his wife she described as being strange and not himself … caused her to believe that he may be suffering from a medical condition or mental health crisis.”

Though police pinged Paul’s cell phone and located his car, there are few clues to indicate where he might be now.

Paul’s BMW was found abandoned, “under suspicious circumstances,” in a school parking lot. Paul’s father-in-law told KSL News that the car contained alcohol, clothes, and items that didn’t belong to the family:

“There were items in the car that were not his, or my daughter’s.


It didn’t seem that Paul left the car there. It seemed like somebody else did.”

Family and friends have launched a search for Paul, handing out fliers, canvassing the city, and creating a Facebook group dedicated to finding him. They’ve even started a GoFundMe campaign to fund the search.

Shiann Chambers, a friend of Paul’s, told KSL News that it was very out of character for the normally dependable husband and father to disappear:

“Everybody who knows him is just blown away. There’s nothing that could have prepared us for this.”

At this point, police say there is no indication of foul play or drug use in Paul’s disappearance. Christensen told NBC News that they are following up on all leads:

“There is no smoking gun, if you will, about where he is. Every hour, we have multiple tips called in. And some are not him. But others note behavior consistent with what his wife told us, so some may well have been Paul. We’re continuing to follow up on them all.”

His family and friends just want Paul to know that they love him and are praying for his return. His wife said in a video posted to Facebook:

“I want him to know that wherever he is, whatever happened, we’re here and we have so much love and support. We just need him.”

Paul Swenson is 30 years old, has red hair and hazel eyes, and is approximately six feet tall and 190 pounds. He also has a half sleeve of tattoos reaching from his right shoulder to his elbow. He was last seen wearing a grey short-sleeved shirt, black jeans, and black Converse shoes.

Tips about Paul’s can be texted to the family’s tip line at (385) 243-PAUL or posted on social media with the hashtag #FindPaulTips.

Authorities are asking that anyone with information about his whereabouts contact the American Fork Police at (801) 794-3970.

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