Sally Canario was seated next to a mom and a restless little girl on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis.

Canario told The Sun that she was resting up against the window, trying to sleep, when the little girl, who was also trying to sleep, decided to use her as a foot rest.

Canario explained:

“A stranger’s daughter was trying to sleep on the plane with her head in her mother’s lap and her feet in my face, in my side, and on my lap. The girl threw a bad tantrum— screaming, crying, and bicycle kicking while she was trying to sleep, [but] the airline would not accommodate me for a safer, comparable seat.”

As a result, Canario reportedly sustained cartilage damage in her right rib cage. She told The Sun that the injury is causing her to feel pain in her chest, sternum, and rib cage, but she is expected to heal.

However, when she tried to file an injury report with one of the Delta flight attendants, Canario said “she was made to feel like she was being a nuisance”:

“I flagged down a flight attendant to file an injury report. His response was, ‘I am not a babysitter, you two parties need to work things out. This is a full flight. I do not take injury reports, you aren’t injured. I heard you were causing trouble and harassing the family next to you.’”

Canario said she does not blame the family, but instead blames Delta Airlines.

Canario explained to The Sun that the mom told Canario that her husband had purchased their plane tickets at a discounted rate and as a result, they weren’t allowed to pick their own seats.

This made Canario question Delta’s policies:

“Why don’t they let families sit together? Had I known her husband was on the flight, I would have gladly traded with him and spared myself this painful injury and hellish nightmare.”

Canario said she has since issued a claim with Delta, asking the company to change their policy when it comes to families picking seats with discounted tickets.

Delta has also issued an apology to Canario. The airline said:

We regret to learn of the experience and discomfort described by this customer on a recent flight. We are in direct contact with this customer while we gather more information about the situation.

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