In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we asked our readers to tell us about one of the luckiest moments of their lives so far.

Here is what they told us:

Becca Hamilton:

“It was the day I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son after being told for years that I would be unable to have children.”

Kim MacDonald:

“Fell off a 40-foot cliff in the Rockies and survived.”

Alison Lammens:

“The day my daughter was born. Told I couldn’t get pregnant for 5 years until I went to Emory and met Dr. Mitchell. Delivery went bad and we both were crashing until 6 nurses grabbed me and daughter was delivered in 1 minute. I love nurses!”

Mary Gail Sanville:

“The day I married my Husband. We were married for 52 yrs before he passed. I miss him every day.”

Wu Jianxiong/Unsplash

Anette Axsson:

“6 times, my five children and my two grandchildren, twins.”

Carmen Reese:

“I clipped an 18 wheeler with my mirror completely high on meth. I can’t believe I lived. When to rehab a month later and have been clean for 2 and a half years!”

Karen L Miller Perez:

“I don’t know if I would call it luck, but the day that I decided to change my life for the better. I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was using drugs all day, at least 5 days a week. My life had become unmanageable. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. You see, I never did in the first place. I was raised in a home with a severely abusive, alcoholic single mother. Beatings and hunger were just about an everyday experience. I became numb and felt unworthy of any kindness, let alone love. I carried those feelings into my adulthood. I used drugs to try to fit in with my peers. I wanted to fit in somewhere, anywhere. No matter how hard I tried, I never felt like I belonged anywhere. The more drugs I used, the less it mattered. I did that for 15 years. It wasn’t working. It wasn’t easy to make this change in my life. It was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. I’ve been clean (free of drugs) for just over 18 years now. I’m not going to lie, life still isn’t easy, but I’m living it with a clear mind. So many people die from addiction, I was one of the lucky ones.”

Emily Ann Provance:

“The day the doc said I was cancer-free.”

Alexa V Rudi:

I posted on FB two days before my 41st birthday that I was looking for my birth mother. I was taken away at three. Adopted at 6. 24 hrs after the post and many of my friends helping by sharing the post all over FB, I was talking to her on video chat. I took my kids to meet her and my massive family that never stopped looking for me. We are moving to be closer to her in the summer.”

Audrey O’Bryan:

“The day I excepted Jesus into my heart…”

Mellissa Simon:

Finding out we were not at risk of a miscarriage on our fourth pregnancy with our first child. Best day of my life.”

Sher Guintivano Soldevilla-Rodriguez:

When I found out I was gonna be a mom … I wasn’t ready (unplanned pregnancy) … but who really ever is right??? But I always thought I was just gonna be that aunt because I never thought I was even gonna be a mom… and to this day he’s my ONLY child … after years of trying I didn’t get pregnant again …”

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Sheryl Williams:

The day my daughter celebrated 6 months drug-free and then seven months and now almost eight months.”

Shawn Hall Smith:

“The day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went to the appointment alone to get the biopsy results because I had had several biopsies in the past and they were all negative, so I saw no need to bring anyone else. I went to my car after talking to the doctor and started the ignition. Earlier that morning, I had taken my daughter to school and she left her iPod plugged in. A Hannah Montana song – ‘I learned from you’ was playing. It was right at the part ‘I learned from you that I do not crumble, I learned that strength is something you choose…’. I knew right then, I was going to be all right. I knew I could choose to be as strong as I needed to be to get through it and that’s exactly what I did. It was eye-opening to realize that I had a choice in this situation (as there is a choice in all situations) – it’s just a matter of being brave enough to make the choice and remember that you made it.”

April Day Hauser:

The day we finally got to bring our daughter home. After 10 years & an adoption roller coaster, we finally got to become parents.”

John Olvera:

The day I got so ill from drinking! I realized this is not the way I wanted to live, and so my relationship with Jesus began.”

Alyssa Bousman:

September 20th, 2018 … My husband and I were in a nearly fatal car crash. I was lucky enough to walk away with minor injuries.. but my husband died, and had to be brought back to life, and was in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks … Nearly 6 months later he’s still has a long road of recovery. I’m just thankful and lucky to still have my husband, also that our son wasn’t in the car.”

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Kelly Hilstad:

I was pregnant it was ectopic and my fallopian tube burst … I prayed to the lord and I somehow walked into the er and lived to tell the tale.”

Diane Wright:

When I finally got a job after 4years unemployment.”

Lawry Crosby:

“The truly luckiest day of my life was sitting at a red light to turn left, the arrow popped up and for some reason, I reacted slowly and a huge panel van blew the red light on the cross street if I hadn’t been slow to react I would be dead!”

Christie Vogel:

The day my daughter, who was given a 3-day life expectancy, came home; all 4 pounds of her. Luckiest day of my life by far! Nothing in my life will EVER come close to that.”

Stanette Stevens:

“In 1985 my children’s Aunt Catherine Colburn took all of us in after hardship. She changed my Life Forever. We had nothing and she took care of all of us until I was able to get back on my feet. Here’s the thing No one else even tried to help us. I’ll never forget that. God Bless that Dear Sweet Woman, who taught me how to become a Better Me.”

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One Reply to “Dearly Readers’ Share Some of Their Luckiest Life Moments to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day”

  • Tina 2 years ago

    My Irish ☘️ luck has struck twice ?. The day we were told we were going to have a baby after 7 years or miscarriage and the day we were told that my daughter was going to be ok after over coming scolded skin syndrome. Not sure if it was luck or the Lord blessing our little family once again. ?❤️

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