Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

William Congreve may have said it best — “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” And one Washington, D.C., woman may have proved that right when she shared a recent tale of an online date that took a sharp left turn.

Lisette Pylant recounted a group date from hell on her Twitter feed Monday night, which all started with a man named Jason and the romantic, dimly lit Truxton Inn.

According to Plyant, she was set up on a Monday night date with Jason — but he was sure to tell her that he had plans with a friend at 6:15:

But when that time rolled around … it was another date who entered the classy establishment.

Plyant decided to “play the friend” until her date retreated to make a phone call, the Washingtonian reported.

Then, she revealed the truth to the other woman — she had been his date less than an hour earlier.

Before they could wrap up their conversation, a third date, “Riley,” arrived.

Really. A third date.

But these independent women weren’t going to let themselves be played. They called his bluff, joking that this seemed like a half-baked episode of “The Bachelor”:

The Washingtonian added that Plyant and her two new besties decided to ditch the Truxton and go to a bar across the street to commiserate.

But they weren’t done with their sleuthing skills just yet.

Plyant called up a few of her friends to return to the Truxton and investigate.

And what they saw was a shock. This modern-day Romeo had booked another date. Her friends quickly texted “Dude, he’s here with a fourth girl,” according to New York Magazine.

Plyant and the rest of the rag-tag crew were shocked. So they continued to take measures into their own hands by retrieving the 8 p.m. date and bringing her across the street.

Though somehow … someway, the story gets even more bizarre. A fifth date showed up at the Truxton Inn:

And then a sixth:

Fortunately or unfortunately, that sixth date was what it took for him to realize that maybe he was playing the game wrong:

When questioned about his unorthodox dating practice, Jason gave this career-based response:

All Plyant could do was laugh:

In a thrilling turn of events, all six girls spent the night not with Jason, but with one another, laughing and drinking the night away.

Cheers, ladies.

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