Alyson Peters was standing at the spot where her daughter died when she received a message from beyond the grave.

As WBAY reports, Peters’ daughter, Kenzie Leeman, was killed on February 26 when the car she was driving slid off an overpass during a snowstorm. The 17-year-old from Neenah, Wisconsin had been on her way home from her part-time job as a nursing assistant.

Peters told WBAY that it was crushing to see her daughter’s dreams end just months before graduation:

“She was one of the most amazing people that I think ever walked the face of the earth.”

Days after her daughter’s death, Peters had gone to the spot where the accident occurred to visit the Leeman’s roadside memorial. That’s when she got a text message with a message from her daughter.

“They sent me a picture of a door, and it was crazy. It was Kenzie’s old door from her old room,” she told WBAY.

In erasable marker, Leeman had written on the door, “Someday you will look back and know exactly why this had to happen to you.”

About a year earlier, Leeman and her family moved and sold their old home. After Leeman’s car accident, an old neighbor was visiting the home’s new owner and saw the door. Knowing that it had been Leeman’s room, they reached out to Peters to show the grieving mom her daughter’s message.

Peters told WBAY that seeing those words from her daughter helped bring her out of the cloud of despair that had enveloped her:

“At that point in time I was a zombie, and it was almost like it just snapped me right out of it. Because, I mean, how in the world can that happen that I’m sitting right there and I get this quote from my daughter? It was like she was speaking to me.”

After getting the photo of her daughter’s door, Peters had to see it in person. She told WBAY:

“We called the lady that bought the house and asked if we could go over, and so she allowed us go over to the house. and I laid on the floor and cried.”

The owner even let Peters take the door home with her. The mom plans to use it in a memorial for her daughter.

Posted by Alyson Peters on Monday, March 4, 2019

Peters says that seeing the quote from her daughter has helped her deal with her grief:

“I don’t know if it was a premonition or what it was, but it’s certainly helping us get through this time. Because we don’t know why, but apparently she knows.”

The family has set up a scholarship fund for students who enroll in the nursing program her daughter was planning to attend. On the scholarship’s fundraising page, Peters had one last plea to her daughter, who had developed a passion for medicine after going through a bout of depression:

“I helped you through the worst time in your life. Please help me through the worst time in mine.”

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5 Replies to “Days After Daughter Dies in Car Crash, Mom Gets a Message from Her that Helps Her Deal with the Grief”

  • Beth 2 years ago

    As a mom I know where ur at dear it’s been 31 years for me. A child will always find a way to let you know that they’re ok. After they cross over sometimes they come back as your guardian angel. But, you’ll feel her from time to time. It’s ok to talk to her in her room till you feel better. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be goin anywhere anytime soon. If she loved and was close to her family that’s where she’ll stay. Good luck and God Bless you

  • Kymmy 2 years ago

    My your baby rest in peace…she will ALWAYS be with you mother…love from South Dakota…Kymmy

  • Billie Roys 2 years ago

    I don’t think a parent should ever have to go through losing a child, we are old and have lived our lives, your daughter’s life was just beginning.
    I pray for your family and may God help you through this.

  • Flower 2 years ago

    It is your daughter!!! There are many ways the passed will reach out to their loved ones. You know how you hear people all the time say they will always be with you they are never really gone it’s because it’s true. Open ur mind and u will see and feel more from your daughter

  • Sad People 2 years ago

    I’m sorry, but I feel like someone else probably wrote that message which is wrong. Granted, it has obviously touched the mom to believe her daughter wrote it, but I don’t think you should lie to someone like that. I could be wrong, however. I just find it hard to believe that would still happen to be there around the time this happened. Something is fishy.

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