When Texas mom Audra Elliott went to pick up her 3-year-old daughter from daycare in August, the child’s caretaker was at the door.

The daycare worker at KinderCare Learning Center told the mother that her daughter was bitten by another child and then bit herself, according to NBCDFW.

But the mother is now suing the worker and the daycare. She claims the bite was inflicted by the adult caretaker watching her child.

Elliott said she became suspicious when her toddler told her that it was the daycare worker that bit her, not another child at the care center.

Then, the bruises on the child’s arm started to appear. The mother said they were much larger than she’d expect from a toddler:

“A child’s bite is, at that age, barely bigger than a quarter.”

The mark appeared to cover the entire back of the little girl’s arm, the mom added.

Elliott took her daughter to a doctor, who confirmed her suspicion. She told NBCDFW:

“I got her a pediatrician appointment and he said, ‘I thought there was a mistake on the chart but by God, that’s an adult bite.'”

The daycare employee was arrested in September after the mother alleged she hurt her child, but has not been charged with a crime.

However, she has since been let go by KinderCare Learning Center, they said in a statement:

The safety of the child in our care is one of our highest priorities. Part of that protocol includes reporting the concern to licensing and CPS and placing the teacher involved on administrative leave while we work with these agencies to look into the matter further.

We follow all of these steps last summer when this concern first came to our attention. The teacher involved in this matter no longer works for KinderCare.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission cited two violations against KinderCare in January, including one for biting a child as an “inappropriate methods of discipline.” However, Elliott was not directly mentioned.

The daycare has not spoken out regarding Elliott’s pending lawsuit.

Watch the video below:

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5 Replies to “Daycare Worker Tells Mom That Teeth Marks on Her Toddler Are From a Child. Doctor Says It’s an ‘Adult Bite’”

  • Michael Bankston 2 years ago

    I am glad Kinder Care took appropriate action. Before parents place their children in daycare, they should do research.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Before my sons entered daycares I did thorough research and made sure everyone had passed a background check. I can personally tell you once you walk out that door and those doors close behind you you just never know what is happening to your child. That is why cameras should be in every room and some day cares are allowing parents to watch their children via webcam during daycare hours. The more eyes on them the better. I witnessed some things just picking up or dropping off my sons of which in two incidences I reported it to police. The best thing is to come unannounced to pick up your child at an unusual time or peep in on them during your lunch break if you can.

  • truly 2 years ago

    it is an awful worry for any parent to leave their child with someone they do not KNOW KNOW KNOW without a doubt… in every way…. you need a mama bear with just as big of a heart to be with your children.. treated as their own… nothing less…

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