A Montana mother passionately warned parents to keep their kids out of Kids “R” Us daycare in Billings, Montana after her 6-month-old son was locked in the childcare center after staff left for the weekend, reports KULR.

Tanaya Merchen, a single mother, went to pick up her son from the center on Friday. However, she arrived at the building to find a terrifying situation — the daycare was closed.


She recalled:

“I get out of the truck and I go to open the door, and it was locked.

So it was instant panic, like I had no idea what the situation was I just knew I couldn’t get in there, and I knew nobody else picked my baby up, so I was very confused.”

Merchen said the lights were off, and no staff was inside. She immediately called the director of the childcare center. The mother said she was “so mad” and panicked — where was her baby?


The owner of Kids R Us, Kim Redding, told the station, there had been a miscommunication between staff members. Apparently, an employee had forgotten the boy. Redding said:

“It was a horrible mistake, and we’re sorry, and we got a damage control method just to double check all of the staff to check out the sign out sheets just to be careful, and it was a horrible mistake. I’m not downplaying it, it was a bad mistake.”

Back in 2014, Child Care Licensing (CCL) found that only three of 18 children present for the day were actually signed in.

Merchen told KTVQ, she feels guilty for leaving her son in such a vulnerable situation.


She said:

“It’s very scary. The guilt that I’m feeling right now for leaving my child in the care of somebody else, that did not care at all for my child.

I can’t even tell you, it’s overwhelming at this point. I could not put him down last night. I mean, that’s all I could do is just sit there and so thankful that nothing bad happened to him during that situation.”

According to Yahoo Merchen filed a complaint to the police department against the center.


However, Redding said, unfortunately, “we can’t change that mistake,” but promised to exercise more caution in the future.

Watch the video below:

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