LaToya Griffen told KSLA News 12 that when she dropped her nine-month-old son off at daycare earlier this year, he was perfectly fine.

Hours later, Griffen received a phone call from the daycare saying that she needed to come pick him up. She told KSLA that when she arrived to the daycare, her son looked “as if he was attacked by an animal.”

KSLA News 12

She said:

“This is what I came to, my nine-month-old child looking like this.” 

When Griffen asked what happened, she was told that a two-year-old student “attacked” her son while he was laying in the playpen.

Griffen explained:

“The worker said another 2-year-old child had climbed in the playpen while he was asleep and had attacked him. … [The daycare staffer] said my baby didn’t cry and he didn’t make any noises while all of this was going on, but I just find that impossible.”

According to Griffen, her nine-month-old was bitten more than 30 times and had numerous scratches all over his body. 

He was treated at a local hospital and later released.

KSLA News 12

Now, police are investigating whether the story of how the nine-month-old sustained his injuries is true. Criminal Investigator Larry Marion told KSLA:

“Right now, we are trying to determine if that is the correct story – if it was a child that bit the kid or if there was any kind of neglect or failure to watch from the daycare center.”

Griffen said that at this point, all she wants is answers. She added, “Somebody’s got to speak for the child, so that is all I want is answers for my baby and his pain he has went through.”

According to KSLA, the daycare, Alphabet Academy, has yet to issue a statement regarding the attack and how they plan to fix the issue.

This isn’t the first incident where a mother has been told that her child was attacked by another daycare attendee. Earlier this year, Indiana mother Tiffany Griffin arrived at her child’s daycare to find him beaten and bleeding. The daycare alleged that he was hit by a two-year-old who was also at the daycare.

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