On February 1, a 3-year-old child was taken to a local hospital via an ambulance after an allegedly “bump her head, when she fall out on carpet.”

According to the unintentional injury report, the Brighter Day Care and Preschool employee also wrote that she called 911 and that the dispatcher said: “Don’t put an ice pack on her.”

As Fox 2 Now reports, it wasn’t until the director of the daycare watched the surveillance footage five days after the incident occurred that the child’s parents learned what really happened to their daughter.

Fox 2 Now

The captured footage shows the 3-year-old sitting at a table with other students when the employee walks over to her.

The worker then grabs the child by the arm, walks toward the other side of the room, and throws the child on the ground with enough force to make her slide even further away.

The gash the child sustained on her head required seven stitches.

The family’s lawyer, Jennifer Hansen, told Fox 2 Now:

“The day care could’ve reviewed that footage at any time. They didn’t and they allowed the day care worker who assaulted this little girl, to continue to work at the facility for five additional days.”

Fox 2 Now

Fox 2 Now also reports that this isn’t the first violation to come out of the St. Louis County daycare and preschool.

Two other incidents occurred in 2016 and another in 2018. In March 2016, a “child fell out of the chair and sustained a left femoral fracture.” In June 2016, staff reportedly “did not have a preventative plan in place” after “(one child was) repeatedly hitting and choking another child.”

And in May 2018, an inspector claimed that a teacher “slam a child down on the cot” and another teacher held “a child by his wrist, dragging him across the room.”

Hansen said:

“In no world did this family have any idea that what was called a fall was actually an assault until they came to see that video. […] One of the more egregious aspects of this case is that the daycare director told the family that she did not watch the surveillance tape until the family was with her.”

The employee was fired after the family and the director watched the footage together.

Nonetheless, the daycare director’s attorney released this statement claiming her staff is extremely qualified:

All teachers and staff are properly trained and extremely qualified. Providing a quality education in a safe environment is of the utmost importance to our teachers and staff. It has always been our policy to notify the proper authorities and to fully comply with any investigation. We have and will continue to follow said policy.

Hansen told Fox 2 Now that her clients wish to remain anonymous.

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11 Replies to “Day Care Worker Said Seven Stitches in Child’s Head Was Because of a ‘Fall.’ Video Shows She Was Thrown”

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    Okay let me tell you what I think this woman or what ever this is she is not human to do that to a child she should not only be fired but also put in jail for assault you know I can’t believe they took five days to look at the video she could of really hurt another child and it could of been worse thank God nothing happened to any other child apparently the woman has issues please never allow her to work with children again and I would like to know what is being done on this issue. Thank you!

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I agree 100% with you.

  • Heather Rhind 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness. The babies are so fragile and small and cannot sustain injuries such as these without permanent consequences. Those women are huge and so powerful. They have no love for their beautiful fragile precious charges. The place needs to be wiped clean of these monsters, and new loving caregivers brought in. I’m so grateful that today they are under camera servalience. Once upon a time we would never have known.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    this is so sad so glad they got rid of the worker but this baby is gonna be scared to be left at any day care now so sad

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    This is assault, must be punished with jail…make an example of them. Our children are our most precious gifts, and must be protected.

  • Maggie 2 years ago

    This is so sad and then she lied I saw a daycare on here where a provider chocked a little girl 6 years old to death while the kids were sleeping she was screaming and yelling and kicking dieing one child raised up but laid back down because the child was covered up with a blanket her whole body and this was recorded while happening to this child

  • Janet Foster 2 years ago

    Named and shamed and prosecuted

  • Bear smith 2 years ago

    I don’t understand why parents don’t check the place out first. There were like 5 reports of violence on children in previous years. Not saying the parents are to blame. Blame is 100% on care giver that hurled that baby across the floor. Still parents need to do the work prior to leaving their children with strangers.

  • Erin Brown 2 years ago

    God bless the little child and her family. This should never have happened. How awful.

  • Elizabeth leach 2 years ago

    They need to shut that place down. Right now because if that was my child or one of.my grandchildren…. Help would pay. I would have that whole place under the jail.

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    You can check a daycare out til the cows come home and all looks great until the doors close and parents are no longer around.

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