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Kimberly Hignite was supposed to be babysitting three children when she sexually abused them.

According to WFLA, Hignite was running an unlicensed day care out of her White Road, Ohio home when the abuse took place.

As The Columbus Dispatch reports, Franklin County Prosecutors say the three children abused by Hignite were 3 years old, 5 years old, and 11 years old. The abuse took place between February 2011 and May 23, 2019.

However, at least 23 children were under Hignite’s care during that time.

The children told prosecutors that the 51-year-old forced them into sexual touching. According to two of the children, Hignite called it the “Silly Private Game.”


On July 25, 2018, Hignite was charged with 17 counts of endangering children. She was also charged with five counts of gross sexual imposition.

Hignite later pleaded guilty to the endangering children charges after the charges of gross sexual imposition were dropped. According to The Columbus Dispatch, she had previously pleaded not guilty.

None of the children testified in court. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said of that decision:

“The victims’ families thought it would be counterproductive to the welfare of the sexual assault victims to testify in the case.”

Melanie Rawlins, a mother to two of the children who attended Hignite’s day care told The Columbus Dispatch following the sentencing hearing:

“I trusted her words, which is something I will never forgive myself for.”

Another mother testified in court saying:

“A game that Miss Kim forced them to play using a tan and blue game board with pictures of private parts and a red spinner. Your Honor, the sound of my autistic son and little girl being able to describe what that grown woman’s vagina looks like and feels like is something we regrettably will never be able to forget, and honestly something that I can never forgive.”

On July 15, the former day care owner learned her fate. She was sentenced to just 30 days in jail for her crimes.

The judge presiding over the hearing said to Hignite:

“I certainly understand the pain of the families in this case, the seriousness of the trust that is placed upon day cares, the impact day cares have on the children. The court hopes again that the families are successful in overcoming the harm that has been done in this case.”

She will serve out her sentence in a private jail in Richland County.

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One Reply to “Day Care Operator Accused of Sexually Abusing Three Children Gets Just 30 Days in Jail”

  • Kim hignite 1 year ago

    I’m leaving this comment as for I am the one that Melanie Rawlins made these sick lies about!! 1st off I was a in home provider for over 33 years ! I loved my job! Loved every child that ever came thru my door! There was never a child harmed in my care! Never!!!! Melanie rawlins is a liar! When I 1st heard from her she couldn’t say enough good things about me ! She heard from several people what a wonderful person I was and how I loved and cared for the kids! She would text to ask questions! When I mentioned coming to meet me to see my home and to get references and for me to meet her children, she declined! That should of been my 1st red flag! I had never met this wonderful caring mother until I was in the halls waiting for my court hearing! Never seen her face until then! Her children showed up to my home with their father! He didn’t have much to say to myself or my mother that had helped me for the last 8 years 12 hours per day! He didn’t show much interest in the little boy , only the little girl! Yes I took the kids in because that’s who I am! We did everything to make them feel at home and happy!! Mind you they came to me never fed in the mornings always hungry! Most days you could tell they weren’t showered or bathed! They just seemed sad but we did our best to make them happy and they were! They came around quickly!! I had them with us for about 2 months! In that time I had never met their mother!! We then it started where dad was texting me kids are sick they aren’t coming that was off and on ! I couldn’t get the kids picked up on time it was a constant battle always a excuse only to find out he was home sleeping! I didn’t care what he was doing as long a he picked up by 5! But it was a problem everyday! Plus couldn’t get paid on time either! Anyways the kids were always sick according to the dad! ( I still have all messages) then the last week before the drama started he was texting everyday kids are sick don’t know if we will see you tomorrow same message next day then Wednesday comes Kim we are not coming we are all very sick now!! So I offered to bring popsicles sprite Tylenol and no response Thursday came was getting really worried because he never responded so on that Thursday around 3 330 I called the kids preschool lady in office said they have not been there!! I was really worried by then! I couldn’t go check on them because I didn’t know where they lived! So Friday comes I get a call from melanie cussing me up and down! Was mad because I called her Children’s school! I tried to explain why and she was to mad to hear anything ! So I said forget this! And that’s what I did 7 months later I have police at my door! Yes I ran down to gfs to get big cans of ravioli that’s what kids wanted for lunch my mom calls and says get home there is a issue so I left my purchase there and came home 6 min down the rd! I come in they are searching my home!! Which was fine ! Nothing to hide! Yes on that day I was over ratio of kids! I took full responsibility for that! But I tell you no one was harmed or being harmed! Yes we did have the babies in seats! But it was only after they had eaten! It was not all day long!!!!when I interviewed people I told everyone that had a infant that I put the kids in seats after they eat for my own safety and theirs! My niece died at 33 days old over 18 years ago because she was laid down after a bottle while her daddy was getting her baby bath ready and she vomited and aspirated and couldn’t be brought back!! It was devastating ( she was not in my care) so after that experience that was a big rule at my house! And all parents were aware and great with that!! Until that day then all of a sudden they don’t remember that! ! But back to melanie! She is the biggest liar I have ever came across! I never hurt her children in any way!! She had a good while to come up with her story! It makes me vomit to hear that women talk and to tell her sick stories and to put this stuff in her children’s heads!! Now I believe that she and her husband need investigated! Her husband Jordan has been in trouble with the law for drug paraphernalia!! Melanie was fired from her job at Marysville prison and walked out by state highway patrol because she was on state computers looking up peoples medical records! That’s a big ! You can get records by email from the Ohio state patrol! Also another police report stating that she was arguing with a man telling him she works for the sheriffs department!!! See melanie is a liar and she has tried to ruin my life!! I will give her this she can tell a story !!! A sick one but can tell it good!!!! But I tell you all this these stories are complete lies! She did find a handful people to believe her! Still shocked that those few are as dumb as her to believe her stories! I plead guilty to what I was guilty for being over ratio! It just so happens we were over on that day ! But that was my fault I hated telling people no!!! We had a blast with the kiddos! But my days of caring for peoples children are over! I so loved my job! But I did have 33 great years with all the kids and families! But I did take the guilty plea on child endangerment because I was over ratio!!! That’s all I was guilty for!! Even on that day the detective said we found no evidence here!! I said you sure didn’t because there was none!!! As far a melanie rawlins goes you will answer to god one day! And if your kids were harmed it didn’t happen in my home! Plus having people join you and your husband in you bedroom, might want to make sure they are not harming your children! You have ruined my good name and my career but my conscience is clear I know I have never harmed anyone’s children!

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